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Lonetrek: New Conflict Results in a Capital Brawl in Mara

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Mara system, Lonetrek region. On the 29th of July at 20:38 EVE Standard Time, SE7EN-SINS [SIN7] and Panic Attack [S4UCE] fought over a citadel in the system.

Since Panic Attack arrived in the region, SE7EN-SINS sought to engage the alliance due to its similar size. To do so, the alliance created timers by reinforcing infrastructure either directly or indirectly tied to Panic Attack. One such structure was an Astrahus citadel belonging to Princess N Unicorns [PSNU] which SE7EN-SINS claims produces ships for Panic Attack. With the structure hitting its final reinforcement timer, SE7EN-SINS prepared for a confrontation.

SE7EN-SINS formed a 20 pilot Nightmare battleship fleet. The alliance entered the system, warping to 80 kilometers from the structure and waiting for it to become vulnerable. Once it was, the battleships opened fire, slowly chipping at its hit points.

Panic Attack organized its own fleet to defend the structure. The alliance had prepared a 20 pilot armor battleship fleet with a force auxiliary and eight combat carriers. The force made its way to the structure, warping to it and lighting a cynosural beacon to let through its capital ships. The combat carriers materialized on the grid, launched fighters and sent them at the Nightmare fleet. The battle had begun, commencing the battle.

The fighter squadrons of Panic Attack descended upon the Nightmare fleet, targeting its support ships in particular. They both went down to fighter volleys, as well as a Praxis battleship. Losing ships to the fighter swarm, SE7EN-SINS chose to reposition on the field, rather than continue and take losses. Warping out, the battleships aligned back to the structure and warped in once again at long-range of the Panic Attack fleet.

Panic Attack had recalled its fighters when the battleships left but were launching them again with their return. Their target was a Machariel battleship that was quickly obliterated. Yet after this loss, SE7EN-SINS’ fleet seemed able to soak the fighter damage, holding on even under the constant barrage. At the same time, SE7EN-SINS prepared its answer to the combat carriers of Panic Attack, organizing five dreadnoughts to counter them.

A cynosural beacon lit suddenly amidst the combat carriers, heralding the arrival of the SE7EN-SINS dreadnoughts. The ships entered their siege cycles and targeted the Panic Attack force auxiliary first, bringing it down in their opening volleys. After the force auxiliary, the alliance started targeting the combat carriers, bringing one of them down in subsequent barrages.

Panic Attack didn’t sit idle either and escalated immediately, bringing four dreadnoughts to the field and a replacement force auxiliary. With its combat carriers and Bhaalgorn battleships, they applied energy neutralizers to vulnerable dreadnoughts to empty their capacitors and shut them down. The Panic Attack force then focused its firepower on the hostile dreadnoughts, bringing them down one after the other.

SE7EN-SINS saw the capital battle swinging to Panic Attack’s favor and decided to use their final trump card. They had two supercarriers brought to the field, one warping at range while the either materializing through a cynosural beacon. The two ships launched fighter-bombers and sent them against the Panic Attack capital ships, destroying another combat carrier with torpedo strikes.

Panic Attack had its combat carriers switch targets to the fighter-bombers, launching space superiority fighters to combat them but was slow on the draw. What more, SE7EN-SINS brought six more combat carriers to the field to aid the supercarriers in their task. Panic Attack focused on destroying the last remaining SE7EN-SINS dreadnoughts on the field, trading one of their own in return.

With the SE7EN-SINS dreadnoughts annihilated, the remaining Panic Attack dreadnoughts chose to end their siege cycles, waiting for the remainder of their timer before jumping out of the system. Panic Attack believed that SE7EN-SINS was mustering a second dreadnought force and surmised it would be unable to fight it. Thus, the alliance chose to withdraw from the field. Noticing this, the SE7EN-SINS fleet seized the opportunity and tackled as much of the hostile fleet as possible. They were able to destroy several battleships and a combat carrier unopposed before hunting for a Panic Attack dreadnought and force auxiliary which didn’t have enough fuel to jump out and were forced to bounce between celestials than get caught by the Nightmare fleet. However, in the end, the Nightmare fleet caught up with them, destroying both.

SE7EN-SINS brought in a dreadnought to destroy the Astrahus. With Panic Attack in retreat and the citadel now destroyed, SE7EN-SINS secured its victory and extracted its remaining fleet, bringing the battle to a close.

Battle report for the Mara system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 37 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 100 pilots

Panic Attack lost 18 ships in the fighting, including 2 dreadnoughts, 2 force auxiliaries, 4 combat carriers and 3 battleships for a total of 21.44 billion ISK damage.
SE7EN-SINS lost 14 ships including 5 dreadnoughts and 2 battleships for a total of 19.58 billion ISK damage.