Video Report: X47L-Q Keepstar Brawl

Video by Tristan Enkura
Footage by Tristan Enkura
Additional Footage by TheMacCloud
Writing by Hugh Caswakk/Venus Dilara Shirin-Mirza
Narration by Zendane

On Wednesday 1 August, Northern Coalition were set to defend the armor timer of their staging Keepstar in the system of X47L-Q in the Pure Blind region

The Imperium coalition prepared to follow up on its assault of this strategically valuable structure, which enabled Northern supercapital coverage of Pure Blind

The fighting started around 1900 EVE time, when the Northern titans began firing doomsday volleys on the untethered Imperium titans, leading to a chain of Imperium titan casualties

The bulk of the exchange between the two fleets involved accurately timed doomsday volleys between titans, a tactic that has evolved even under conditions of heavy time dilation

During the first several hours of the engagement, the titan numbers were even, though Northern coordination ensured that more Imperium titans died than Northern ones

As the timezone shifted into US prime, Imperium reinforcements exposed the Northern side’s US timezone weakness, with 320 Imperium titans now standing against 180 for the North

Imperium forces innovated by jumping a fleet of supercarriers at zero into the Northern titan blob to retain hard tackle, thereby preventing them from tethering while being the doomsday primary target

Northern forces responded by bringing in several squadrons of dreadnoughts, leading to a chaotic brawl within the defenders’ own supercapital blob accompanied by severe server issues

By around 0300 EVE time, the Keepstar was damaged into structure and Northern forces lost their two-to-one titan kills advantage, now beginning to disengage

The combined Imperium fleet held position and hit stragglers, racking up the butcher’s bill and making up for their initial losses

The X47 Keepstar armor timer may be counted as the second bloodiest battle in EVE history after B-R5RB, with approximately 10 trillion ISK destroyed and 56 titans killed, among which 29 were lost by Northern forces and 27 by the Imperium

The battle included the first recorded loss of a Molok faction titan, with multiple other faction titans volleyed off the field during the course of the fighting

The Imperium lost about 800b to 1t ISK more than the Northern forces but achieved the objective of reinforcing the strategically important enemy citadel

The Northern Coalition staging Keepstar in X47 is now set to enter its final timer on Wednesday 8 August, though it is unclear whether the North will defend it in another significant escalation on the Northern front