The Discourse – Imperium pushes through NC. in X47L-Q; “We Come For Our People”

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One of the biggest battles in the recent history sees massive losses from both The Imperium and Northern Coalition and their respective allies with around 56 titans lost on the field. Meanwhile Minmatar Republic concludes its anti-slaver campaign.

Credits: Hosts: Elinari Rhodan, Cyrillian Voth

ARC Logo: Noene Drops

Title Animation: Corrin Mor

Animation: Jaret Victorian

Camerawork: Jaret Victorian

Script: Makoto Priano, Cyrillian Voth, Elinari Rhodan

Guest VA: Nomistrav, MantelGlobalIndustries

Guest Actors: Makoto Priano, Garion Avarr, Thulla Icin, Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci, Verzak Bastrom, Khaprice

Battle Footage: TheMacCloud; unknown

Image Assistance: MeTheLina

Eve Online: CCP Games