At 1931 EVE, NER was alerted to the fact that Pandemic Legion was moving their supercapital fleet northwards. Sources tell us that their on-call supercapital fleet in the south – which has been highly effective in attacking Legacy – is currently taking the regional gate out of Geminate. At the time of reading, the position of the fleet may have changed. A fleet DScan from NER military observer Seddow. Northern leadership figures have confirmed to NER staff that their south-deployed forces are on the move to the north.

TEST Alliance were alerted to this fact at 1929 EVE in a ping from military lead Vily, reading:

PL’s Titan and supercap forces are currently moving northward. We do not know their final destination at this time. suffice it to say. What happens tomorrow and Wednesday will be a dance with destiny. My Brothers and Sister. We may live and we may die on the shores on lands we love in Esoteria or we may fight for freedom on mountainous keepstars of the North. But fuck that shit, we are test and we will roar like dinosaurs.

Further, we have been informed that Pandemic Horde have also moved their supercapital fleet northwards this morning. Horde is still running straggler move-ops at this time. This could indicate a general Panfam withdrawal of assets from the south, to focus more closely on the northern front.

One source has passed on information that two convoys of up to 100 NCdot capitals have been spotted traversing Kourmonen, Bleak Lands over the past 2 days. They were heading north. Conjecture suggests that NCdot is emptying their dreadnought caches in the south and concentrating their forces.

Attendant to these moves, it is understood that TRUMPY have recalled their supercapital fleet back from Omist. However, this last piece of information has yet to be confirmed by bipartisan sources – and must therefore be taken with a pinch of salt.

These moves represent a significant consolidation of military forces by the North Eastern Allies. It appears that they are abandoning serious offensive action in the south, in favor of a more solid defense in the north. Only time will tell if this stratagem will pay off.