NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Hugh Caswakk. Good evening.

Winter Coalition is anchoring a fortizar in Feythabolis, 1 gate from Estoria.

7th Estate coalition has moved to ROIR-Y and intends to take space in Fade.

7X-X1Y constellation, Fade, owned by CO2, is under pressure from the Imperium.


NER attempted to reach Noraus (Fraternity Alliance Exec) for comment but failed to do so at the time this news item was published.

It appears that Winter Coalition is in the process of anchoring a fortizar in the TR07-S, Feythabolis. This is one jump from Estoria, Legacy’s economic heartland. If it were to online, it would provide WinterCo – and the broader Eastern Allies – an effective operating base to strike at Legacy’s vulnerable aspect. Moreover, it is two midpoints from Legacy staging in UALX-3. This may impede defensive efforts.

The fortizar will become vulnerable in its anchoring period at around 1100 EVE tomorrow. It is understood that Legacy will form significant numbers to destroy it. It is also believed that WinterCo is planning a substantial defence – including supercapitals. The action may then snowball into a broader fight.

This fortizar deployment is reminiscent of the Triumvirate effort to anchor a fortizar in Impass a few days ago. That Triumvirate gambit ultimately failed, as the Eastern Allies declined to defend the anchoring structure. Nevertheless, it seems apparent that the EA see offensive structures as an effective investment. Tomorrow may bring more evidence to this argument, one way or another.


7th Estate coalition, led by Jin’taan, is deploying seemingly semi-permanently to Fade. Late yesterday, in a SOTA address, Jin’taan told line members that the coalition would now be staging from ROIR-Y, Pure Blind. Their objective is to conquer CO2 and DC space in Fade, so that they can live in it. This represents a change of pace from their operations in Immensea, where they captured systems but did not live in them.

The coalition, as of 2100 today, will be blue to the Imperium. During the SOTA, one-line member asked Jin’taan whether they were going to be Imperium pets. Jin’taan, along with other leadership figures, maintained that blue status did not mean that they were going to be pets.

Imperium figures have said publicly that they do not want to overtly own Fade, in the event that they conquer it. It therefore appears likely that 7th Estate will be one part of a network of Imperium allies – such as Galmilistan – which would see increased presence in the north in the event that the Imperium were to be victorious.


As part of the broader Imperium attacks on Fade and Pure Blind, particular pressure seems to have been placed on the constellation of 7X-X17, Fade. At the time of writing, four of the seven systems have reinforced TCUs, and two have reinforced iHubs.

This constellation is particularly notable because it contains the regional gate from Fade to the Imperium’s Cloud Ring staging in 6RCQ-V. Securing it effectively would give the Imperium a solid beachhead in the region, expanding opportunities for operations.

One particular action was a clash of battleships in YKSC-A between 1800 and 1900 yesterday. The Imperium fielded 632 pilots to the Northern Bloc’s 626. The fleets had very similar doctrines, and the action – from video footage – broke down swiftly into a slugging match. When the dust cleared, the Imperium had lost 35.14bn to the North’s 39.46bn.

During the fighting, the Imperium managed to offline the Northern cynojammer in YKS. This expands their range of operations, possibly with regard to the CO2 keepstar in DW-. Some hours after this engagement, Black Hand (the Imperium intelligence service) senior handler hyprviper1 claimed on /r/Eve that CO2 planned to concede the constellation to the Imperium. This claim could not be absolutely confirmed by independent sources, but without critical cynojammers, a counter-offensive by the North could risk escalation to full supercapital confrontation.

For now, that’s how it is in New Eden. Goodnight.