[Cinematic] The Battle of X47L-Q Part 2

Battle report link here.

On August 8th 2018 in the system of X47L-Q, a supercapital battle resulted in roughly 2.3 trillion ISK destroyed & a Northern Bloc Keepstar down. The stage was set for this action in an engagement on the 1st of August, which saw the reinforcement of the Keepstar’s armour and the destruction of ~10 trillion ISK in assets.

Unlike that first action over the Keepstar, Legacy & Pandemic Legion pre-moved the majority of their super wings from the south to aid their allies. Legacy supported the Imperium. Pandemic Legion rejoined their friends in the Northern Bloc.

The fighting saw the loss of 21 titans, with roughly 4500 players involved. Over 720 titans took the field in the largest action to date. However, a combination of inherent server issues, DDOS attack and lopsided losses led to the North disengaging.

All eyes remain fixed on the north, watching both superpowers circle – and awaiting their next steps.