A map of the region

Fighting in the region of Etherium Reach, unseen by the rest of New Eden, is intensifying. This war report will outline the sides, the stakes and recent events.


On one side is the Etherium Breach coalition, aided by Centipede Caliphate. Etherium Breach is understood to be led by Unspoken Alliance and contains Bow Down and Just A Game, among other groups. Centipede Caliphate, formerly living in Tenerifis, have recently joined the action and are bluetral to Etherium Breach. CENTI has also recently absorbed their close allies Wormageddon.

On the other side is Prothean Alliance, the last constituent of the old Drone Region Federation still standing. While the Croissant War engulfed the rest of New Eden, this Russian group dug their heels in and kept fighting. They are aided by NCdot renter alliance Brothers of Tangra. It also understood that Prothean enjoys the tacit economic support of Pandemic Horde.


The stakes for Prothean Alliance appear to be regaining their former complete control of Etherium Reach.

The stakes for Etherium Breach seem to be something similar. However, 3TEARS, leader of Unspoken Alliance, has previously expressed distaste at permanent empire building. Therefore, it is possible that Etherium Breach and allies’ initial objective is the destruction of Prothean Alliance. It is likely that they might retain the space but focus on foreign PVP expeditions.

Recent Events

The past few days have seen an intensified level of warfighting. Centipede Caliphate are attacking the SLYP-5 constellation, in the north of the region. They have already placed a TCU in D-IZT9 and are seeking to expand their control.

In F69O-M, east-central Etherium Reach, Just A Game have onlined a fortizar. This will serve as a forward operating position for Etherium Breach. Brothers of Tangra attempted to place a siege Astrahus near the structure, to aid in its destruction. This Astrahus was downed during the online process.

Finally, Unspoken Alliance has led an aggressive sovereignty campaign in the H7Q-DG constellation against Prothean. This appears to be part of a broader entosis strategy to clear Prothean Alliance from the south and east of the region.

Therefore, at this time, Prothean Alliance faces a three-front war. While their heartland in west-central Etherium Reach holds – for now – the frontline is in doubt. It remains to be seen when, or if, this Quiet War will be concluded.