The second round of the Alliance Tournament took place last weekend. Here’s my article about the first round, for context.
The management team ran the prize competition again. Initially, due, the published result was a duplication of last week. They have since fixed that administrative mishap – the real prizes are here.
At this stage of the tournament, a number of surprise results have occurred following an unpredictable match line up due to earlier eliminations. The most sort after fights this weekend involved those between friendly in-game entities. In particular, Test Alliance Please Ignore fought Goonswarm Federation in the losers bracket. This contest ended in TEST victory
A real clash of the proverbial titans was between Northern Coalition. and Pandemic Legion. These two alliances have a history of excellence in the AT – therefore, they drew a large audience.
To increase the tension, the commentators were Black Bart Pirate from NC and Elise Randolph from PL. The match ended with NC completely destroying the PL fleet with zero losses. NC fielded their flagship Leshak whilst PL fielded and lost a Rabisu, a previous Alliance Tournament prize cloaky logistics cruiser.
Along with the above, there were a number of different other flagship loses over the weekend. One Black Legion ship managed to break the rules and make it onto the field with a faction capacitor booster fit. CCP decided to take no punitive action as both the ship and the rest of its team died.
As we get closer to the finals weekend hopefully we will see more close and intense matches as the weaker teams are eliminated. Once again remember if you want to come along to the studio for the finals weekend party you can find tickets here, all ticket sales money will go straight to charity.
The ongoing bracket is here.
Which matches are have surprised you most so far? Who do you think this year’s winner will be? Let us know in the comments or come find us on our discord.