*The following battle report was written using information supplied by Test Alliance Please Ignore. WinterCo had been reached for interviews but did not grant any. Thus readers’ discretion is advised.
T2-V8F system, Tenerifis region. On the 7th of August at 5:23 EVE Standard Time, Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST] forces ambushed a Fraternity. [FRT] titan in the system.
With the North Eastern Association (NEA) withdrawing back to the north to defend from the Imperium’s advance in Pure Blind, TEST forces chose to press their advantage. As NEA evacuated its capital and super capital assets for the defense of its home space, hunters roamed the regions surrounding Immensea to tackle stragglers. T2-V8F was a system under observation in which Fraternity had a Fortizar citadel which they had used before to store and move capital ships.
For more than a day TEST kept watch but had little to show for it. Most of the participants of the war either had organized convoys which they couldn’t contend with or had slipped past scouts unseen. It seemed the plan was a bust when suddenly a cynosural beacon lit up on the Fortizar in T2-V8F. An Aeon super carrier belonging to Fraternity materialized on to the structure and waited to tether. TEST forces immediately sprang into action and a hunter in a Falcon force recon cruiser warped to the still lit beacon to light its own. Once lit, a heavy interdictor and a Wyvern super carrier belonging to TEST landed in the system on top of the hostile Fortizar. The heavy interdictor wasted no time in activating its focused warp scrambling field generator while the Wyvern prepared to light a secondary cynosural beacon to allow a still assembling fleet through.
The Aeon was caught before it could fully tether to the structure but before TEST could bring in a fleet in to dispatch it a Fraternity Avatar titan jumped through as well. The titan materialized on the Fortizar but was unable to tether as well due to its recent jump, needing to wait 30 seconds. TEST made a quick decision and had the heavy interdictor switch its point from the Aeon to the Avatar. In the meantime titans, super carriers and assorted capital ships all piled into the fleet in order to jump to the grid and destroy the tackled titan.
After a few moments dozens of titans, super carriers and dreadnoughts belonging to TEST started materializing on grid around the tackled titan. The many ships opened fire, first destroying a couple of capital ships which had jumped with the Avatar before turning their attention to the ship itself. It didn’t take long for the assembled firepower by TEST to destroy the titan. However, before the fleet could turn its attention to the Aeon, it had managed to burn off its aggression timer and tether to the structure, saving itself from TEST’s wrath.
With the titan destroyed and the Aeon safe, TEST sought to extract. They warped off their titans to a friendly Fortizar on the grid while extracting many of its capitals and super capitals. This would have ended as nothing but a simple gank had fate not intervened.
During the extraction process one of the TEST titans had de-synchronized from the server. This meant that while the pilot had pressed warp to the allied Fortizar in his client, the server didn’t register it at all. Instead his titan remained on the hostile Fortizar, seemingly adrift. Fraternity quickly organized to capitalize on this, with 40 dreadnoughts assembling in the system alongside a few assorted capital ships. TEST saw the dreadnoughts undocking from the Fortizar and began assembling force auxiliaries as well as working to secure a new cynosural beacon near the titan. The titan pilot was unable to light their cynosural beacon due to the same de-synchronicity issue. Things were not helped by the fact the TEST voice server crashed during the whole affair.
The Fraternity dreadnoughts undocked from the Fortizar, entered their siege cycles immediately and began shooting the helpless titan. It didn’t take them long to strip the ship’s shield and eat into its armor. Before the behemoth could be brought down though, TEST secured a cynosural beacon of its own near the afflicted ship and jumped in a wing of force auxiliaries. The ships cycled their triage modules and began applying remote shield transfers, saving the titan from annihilation. With the force auxiliaries came the entire super capital and capital force of TEST, gunning for the hostile dreadnoughts. Doomsday weapons and fighter bombers descended upon the Fraternity dreadnoughts, aided by friendly dreadnought guns and combat carrier fighters.
Fraternity wasn’t going down without a fight. The dreadnoughts tried to clear some of the force auxiliaries, bringing down four of them but that hardly made a dent in the hostile logistics wall. TEST were bringing down large numbers of dreadnoughts, killing seven, eight even nine for each capital ship it lost. It didn’t take long for the entire Fraternity dreadnought force to join their Avatar as lifeless husks floating above the Fortizar.
At this point a Fraternity Ferox battlecruiser fleet had joined the fight. The battlecruisers had gated to the system, warped to the Fortizar and tethered as the battle rolled around them. Before long they broke tether and joined the fray. TEST had its own sub capital fleet arrive in the system in the form of Muninn heavy assault cruisers. The two forces clashed, with the TEST combat carriers and super carriers lending their fighter support to their sub capitals. The Muninn fleet managed to inflict heavy losses on the battlecruisers but lost a few ships in return.
With the Fraternity capital ships destroyed and the titan extracted, TEST sought to extract its mixed capital and super capital fleet from the system. Once again the ponderous ships warped off or jumped out, covered by the Muninn fleet that targeted any of the Fraternity tackle ships to allow for a smooth extraction. With the last of the heavy assets secure, the Muninn fleet sought to disengage as well, having traded blows with the Ferox fleet all the while. With the Muninn fleet gone, the battle came to a close.
Battle report for the T2-V8F system can be found here.
All told the battle lasted 44 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 400 pilots at the peak of the fighting.
Test Alliance Please Ignore lost 24 ships including 1 dreadnought, 4 force auxiliaries and 2 heavy assault cruisers for a total of 17.84 billion ISK damage. Fraternity lost 93 ships including 1 titan, 35 dreadnoughts, 2 force auxiliaries, 5 carriers and 10 battlecruisers for a total of 176.05 billion ISK damage.


Featured image credit: Razorien