NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Hugh Caswakk. Good evening.

Fighting continues apace in the Fade/Pure Blind theatre, with the French ConneXion losing their staging fortizar, and GalMil seeking offensive action.

The Monthly Economic Report was released, showing a general nullsec economic downturn – though Delve continues to lead the pack, despite hunting efforts.

There was a sharp action over the Blades of Grass iHub in 16AM-3, Tenerifis, leading to its reinforcement. This is part of an ongoing Legacy counterstroke in the region.


Despite a lack of massive fleet actions since X47, the pot of war continues to bubble merrily atop the proverbial gas stove of the Fade-Pure Blind frontline. The staging fortizar of French ConneXion, a local tributary of Dead Coalition in Pure Blind, was destroyed by Imperium forces yesterday. While they had restaged most of their assets to 7X-VKB, Pure Blind, it represents a denial of a forward operating position to the Northern Bloc.

Moreover, information received by NER indicates that Galmilistan is intending an offensive against the 7X-X17 constellation. In particular, they intend to cloaky camp 0-ARFO and C-OK0R, both owned by CO2, to lower ADMs. This would then facilitate a sovereignty conquest of the pair of systems. Galmilistan is allied with the Imperium in this endeavour.

With the X47 keepstar in Pure Blind destroyed, the Imperium now has three major potential targets. The first is the 7X-VKB keepstar in Pure Blind, owned by DARKNESS, in Pure Blind. The second is the is the DW-T2I keepstar, owned by CO2, in Fade. The last is the DO6H-Q keepstar, owned by NCdot – and a stager for them and Dead Coalition – in Fade. Action in Fade may, therefore, presage a general offensive against these latter two structures.


The July MER is in, and there are a couple of key trends to pick out. Firstly, economic activity is down across the board. This is due to the war, with many players leaving anomalies for the frontlines. For example, in June, Delve mined 14.781 trillion in ISK. In July, it had dropped approximately 6 trillion to 8.242 trillion – a drop of 55.7%. A similar fall can be seen in Deklein mining numbers, with a 66% reduction from 498 billion mined to 168 billion. Similar drops can be seen across the cluster.

Not all of this depression can be attributed to players voluntarily putting down the krabbing tools. Rival powers have introduced harassment and cloaky camping efforts against their enemies. Bee Control, dispatched by Dead Coalition, is active in Delve, while Goonswarm has countered with the National Goon Surveillance Agency against Deklein.

Regions of intense fighting can be seen through looking at the ISK destroyed values. Tenerifis in particular has seen very substantial losses, with a 650% increase in ISK lost in action. These trends of broad economic depression and spikes in ISK lost in certain regions are liable to continue throughout the war.


Legacy have been mounting a counterattack into Tenerifis – however, the absence of supercapitals has slowed their efforts. Fighting remains mostly concentrated in the E-IFSA constellation, near to Legacy staging. Back and forth entosis warfare has led to half the constellation falling into Legacy hands, though the Eastern Allies appear to be engaged in a hard-fought delaying action.

Interestingly, XiX has managed to claim sovereignty in the region, after their first invasion attempt last month was pushed back.

On definite Legacy success was a sharp action in the early hours of this morning, where they reinforced a Blades of Grass iHub in 16AM-3. Progodlegend led 77 pilot Legacy Harpy fleet through enemy space and attacked the infrastructure. Tenerifis Coalition formed to resist them in Caracals, but were outnumbered and suffered complete loss. The toll stands at 616.77m lost by Legacy, vs 9.16bn lost by TeneCo.

For now, that’s how it is in New Eden. Goodnight.