Large battles are accompanied by equally large amounts of propaganda. Your team of dedicated NER staff has sorted through the volumes of hot air to compose this summary.

First, we have this modern masterpiece of the MS Paint genre.

It expresses the frustration of some pilots that they had to rely on streams to participate in the fight. The reddit post from which it is sourced ‘WHY CAN ALL OF THESE STREAMERS LOGIN BUT TITAN CAN’T’. This seems like an accurate summation of the grievances at play.

Our second piece comes to us, slightly modified, from the US Federal Civil Defence Administration.

Released onto reddit as the Northern Bloc started to evacuate, this informative cartoon tells us that NC/PL civil defence policy is to ‘dock and cover’. This means that ships under threat should escape the battle by docking in neighbouring structures. The factual veracity of this policy has yet to be confirmed.

While strong on visual messaging, the NER editorial board is distressed by the lack of clear post-attack guidance and follow-through imposition of law and order.

Thirdly, we have this beaut in a classic meme format.

The propaganda makes excellent use of a pre-existing template to critique Northern military policy. The propagandist, one Soraya_K, points out that the Northern Bloc suffered heavily due to server problems; but that their own policy of deploying burst jammers exacerbated these challenges.

It then turns from this investigation of military theory to consideration of Northern Bloc messaging, submitting that the North; by blaming CCP for the server problems; is being hypocritical.

One interesting permutation on the situation is that Northern Bloc Campaign Commander Killah Bee is apparently unclear on the operational role of ECM bursting frigates.

Fourth, and just prior to the fighting, CO2 put out this video.

In it, they suggest that GSF are in X47L-Q to explode. This strikes the editorial board as a serious misconstruing of Imperium strategic intent. Joking aside, the video is well made and features solid camerawork of Northern supercapitals. That said, it might have been published a little prematurely, given the lopsided casualties.

Omicr, a member of Karmafleet, part of Goonswarm Federation, shot back with a video entitled ‘The Fall of X47’

It depicted the substantial supercapital movements on the part of the Imperium, and segments of the fighting. A brief bit of narration concerning radiological weapon deployment against urban areas at the start of the video was slightly confusing – but the spectacular visuals more than made up for it.

In a break from typical propaganda form, Naz Al Ghul – Supreme Inquisitor of the Imperium’s Ministry of Truth (and, incidentally, NER staffer), put out a missive on reddit.

In it, he proclaimed that Circle-of-Two’s destruction is inevitable. But, that those who turn over sizeable assets to the Imperium will be given safe passage. Subsequent NER investigation has confirmed that this offer is genuine. It remains to be seen if anyone will take him up on it.

We turn briefly now to musical endeavours, where Mind1, Goonswarm Federation, has produced a musical remix of Killah Bee talking.

This author doesn’t understand it but has been told that it is good.

Finally, we finish our round-up with this beautiful image from the fighting. Depicting Imperial Legacy titans in action against the Keepstar, it may well grow to be one of the seminal images of the battle – if not the war as a whole.

Until next time – good hunting.