Elunala system, Black Rise region. On the 9th of August at 2:54 EVE Standard Time, the Gallente and Caldari militias traded blows in the system.

The battle was fought over an Athanor refinery belonging to the Caldari militia. The Gallente militia in the last few weeks had launched an all out assault on the Caldari militia, even pushing it from its traditional strongholds. The structure war was merely another part of the push. With the Athanor set to exit its final reinforcement timer, both sides formed up for a fight.

The Gallente militia assembled a 30 pilot Gila cruiser fleet with an additional capital squadron waiting in range of the system which included a force auxiliary, a combat carrier and 12 dreadnoughts. The sub-capital force made its way to the system, warping on top of the afflicted structure and waiting for its invulnerability period to run its course before opening fire and chewing through its hull.

The Caldari militia also organized a Gila fleet of 34 pilots which included a Minokawa force auxiliary and four dreadnoughts which remained in reserve. The sub capitals traveled to the system as well, warping to the Athanor and their hostile counterparts and landing 60 kilometers away.

With the prospect of fighting a mirror composition and having similar numbers, the Gallente militia decided to burn into the Caldari fleet in order to brawl it out. Both sides had their drones out and prepared for a confrontation, the Gallente fleet narrowing the distance between the two fighting forces and opening fire on the hostile Gila fleet support.

The opening shots saw a few of the support cruisers of the Caldari fleet destroyed as the swarm of drones and missile barrages took its toll. The Caldari fleet lit a cynosural beacon and let through its Minokawa, baiting the Gallente militia into bringing its own capital ships. The Gallente militia took the bait and lit a beacon 30 kilometers from the hostile fleet even as its own ships were still rushing headlong into the Caldari force. In came a Minokawa and a combat carrier; the Gallente militia was going for a controlled escalation of the fight.

At this point that the Caldari militia brought in its four dreadnoughts to target the hostile combat carrier and the Minokawa. The Gallente militia returned the favor, bringing in its dreadnoughts and turning the fight into a capital brawl. The two dreadnought forces clashed, the sub capitals joining their firepowers to their capital ships as they squared off each other. It came to no surprise that the Gallente militia won the capital exchange, its dreadnoughts overwhelming the competition and destroying all of the four Caldari ones and their Minokawa unscathed.

However before the Gallente militia could celebrate its capital victory and descend on the Caldari Gila fleet, reinforcements arrived for the Caldari militia. Black Legion [.MEN.] had a 120 pilot Muninn heavy assault cruiser fleet lying in wait. The alliance had some of its infrastructure hit by the Gallente militia and was willing to band together with the Caldari militia to return the favor.

With the Gallente militia bringing in its capitals, the Muninn fleet burned to the system, warped to the battlefield on top of the Gallente militia capital ships and started tackling as many as it could. They lit a cynosural beacon to let through a squadron of Nyx super carriers which landed among the Gallente militia capitals. The super carriers launched their fighter bombers, engulfing the Gallente militia dreadnoughts. It didn’t take long for the Caldari militia and Black Legion to destroy most of the capital force.

Only three dreadnoughts and a combat carrier managed to escape the slaughter, jumping out or warping off. The Gallente Gila fleet didn’t waste time and warped off as well, leaving the field to Black Legion and the Caldari militia. With the field under their control, the two fleets cleared the grid of stragglers before extracting their super carriers then their fleets. With the Gallente militia gone, the Athanor itself managed to initiate self repairs and regenerate its armor and shields, thus securing the strategic objective for the Caldari militia. With this the battle came to an end.

The battle report for the Elunala system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 12 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 200 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

The Gallente militia lost 14 ships in the fighting including 9 dreadnoughts and 1 force auxiliary for a total of 28.73 billion ISK damage.
The Caldari militia and Black Legion lost 8 ships in the fighting including 4 dreadnoughts, 1 force auxiliary and 2 cruisers for a total of 15.85 billion ISK damage.

Featured image credit: Razorien