NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Hugh Caswakk. Good evening.

  • A diplomatic deal has been inked to save the Aunenen and Maila Sanctuary Keepstars from destruction by the Imperium.
  • An Imperium Munnin fleet took losses in C-OK0R at the hands of CO2, though they succeeded in reinforcing the TCU in the system.
  • A combined Imperial Legacy operation in Geminate and the Forge was turned back by Pandemic Horde with heavy casualties.
  • Tenerifis Coalition appears to be in the early stages of an entosis counter-offensive against Legacy in Tenerifis.


Yesterday, the Imperium reinforced the shield of the Aunenen Sanctuary Keepstar, citing it as a Northern Bloc staging post and logistics hub. However, the keepstar appears to have been saved through a diplomatic intercession.

Matterall, the host of Talking in Stations, is involved in the running of Sanctuary Keepstars. He is also an avowed friend of The Mittani. It appears that after the structure was reinforced, he spoke to Imperium leadership and negotiated a compromise. The Aunenen and Maila keepstars will be unanchored and moved to less strategically threatening locations to the Imperium.

Given that an unanchored keepstar can only be moved by a vulnerable freighter, cleanly extracting the structures may prove tricky.

This represents an arguable victory for the Imperium in that it removes a supercapital trading post for the Northern Bloc. However, economic analysts at NER have opined that this trading function can be cleanly taken over by another structure – if a more directly Northern aligned one.

One definite result is that this movement has accelerated the Imperium campaign substantially. Whereas they might previously have spent some weeks destroying these keepstars, the stage is now clear for an offensive against directly in-theatre Northern Bloc structures in 7X-VKB, DW-T2I or DO6H-Q.


In a sharp action between about 2025 and 2058, an Imperium Munnin fleet was ambushed by Circle-Of-Two forces and subsequently decimated. Imperium FC /u/Ashilta posted an AAR here.

In brief, it appears that the fleet was hunting for a fight after successfully entosising the TCU in CO-K0R. The fleet held off a gate within range and set a trap for CO2. Unfortunately for the Imperium FC, CO2 scouts identified the trap and held off from engaging. Resolving after a few minutes to relocate, the FC warped the fleet to a ping. However, a slip of the finger meant that he warped himself – not his fleet.

CO2 saw their moment and struck, moving in a Munnin fleet and interdictors. While a third of the Imperium fleet escaped of their own accord, warping to the FC, the rest were trapped by CO2 interdictors. The FC regrouped the force and led them in relief. He was promptly headshot off the field. A secondary Imperium FC stepped up and evacuated what they could. Those trapped were promptly mown down.

The toll stands at 612.1m ISK lost by CO2, vs 16.69bn lost by the Imperium.


The Imperial Legacy mega-coalition (composed of the allied coalitions Imperium and Legacy) was turned back in an attack against two Pandemic Horde fortizars, one in Oijanen and the other in BWF-ZZ. The battles appear to have occurred due to Snuffed Out, part of the Imperium, looking into breaking the Pandemic Horde monopoly on off-shored PLEX sales in fortizars.

Imperial Legacy brought a collection of cruiser-class ships to the fight against Pandemic Horde Machariel fleets. The action in Oijanen was near exclusively conducted by Horde, who supported their battleships with a squadron of supercarriers and carriers. In BWF-ZZ, capital assets were not deployed, though Horde efforts were supported by Black Legion, Pandemic Legion, and Triumvirate.

The toll in Oijanen stands at 28.14bn ISK lost by Imperial Legacy, vs 11.66bn lost by Pandemic Horde.

The toll in BWF-ZZ stands at 20.84bn ISK lost by Imperial Legacy vs 10.89bn lost by the Northern Bloc (led in this instance by Pandemic Horde).


For the past month, Legacy has been engaged in a grinding entosis offensive into Tenerifis. Tenerifis Coalition, formed of assorted local powers, have resisted this attack. Overnight, it seems, they have shifted from defense to offense and entosised a set of Warped Intentions systems. Both TCUs and iHubs have been hit in three systems in the QP6B-I constellation. UALX-3, Legacy military staging, was one of the targets.

Legacy did mount a few small-ship efforts. One of these was a defense of UALX-3 with burst jamming interceptors – this was turned back by TeneCo Cormorants. A second was a Warped Intentions battlecruiser foray against W-16DY, owned by Blades of Grass. This advanced was rebuffed by TeneCo Hurricanes.

However, these actions must be put in perspective. They took place adjacent to the larger twin fortizar battle in the north, which took much of Legacy’s attention. It is unknown if TeneCo can sustain their offensive through to the second entosis timers. Lastly, the ISK lost on both sides was very small.

It remains to be seen whether this action is a Doolittle Raid or Coral Sea. Whatever the result, NER will keep you updated on the Tenerifis front.



Prothean Alliance attempted to anchor an Astrahus in 4-QDIX, the Centipede Caliphate staging system in Etherium Reach. It was destroyed at 10:01 EVE today by a combined Red Alliance/CENTI force. Prothean Alliance did not defend their structure.

For now, that’s how it is in New Eden. Goodnight.