New Eden Newsroom – Episode 1 w/ Killah Bee & Naz al-Ghul

New Eden Report is creating a new podcast with an emphasis on:

  • Eve Online politics and conflicts
  • A shorter format than most Eve shows/podcasts – less than an hour
  • A smaller, more focused, group of hosts and guests – no more than four people for each episode
  • Interviewing players from each side of the cluster

Here is the first episode with guests Naz al-Ghul, Imperium Supreme Inquisitor/Goon propagandist, and Killah Bee, Northern Coalition fleet commander. Hosting is Curt Adrano and Marsha Mallow. You can listen to this episode on either Soundcloud or YouTube.


2:26 – Southern News Roundup Begins
5:12 – Northern News Roundup Begins
7:05 – Killah Bee discusses the reinforced Aunenen Keepstar
12:47 – Interview with Killah Bee begins
13:42 – Naz al-Ghul to Killah Bee “Think of yourself as the Paris Hilton of Eve Online”, “You’ve got a pretty hot personality”
16:03 – Killah on joining PL
17:56 – Killah on leaving PL, “I had trouble with the course PL was taking”
24:05 – Killah Bee on propaganda, and campaign fleet commander relations across power blocs.
25:46 – Naz al-Ghul on how players treat each other “We should be civil… don’t take the partisan stuff too seriously”
28:17 – Interview with Naz al-Ghul begins. The guests edit the podcast outline Google Doc while Curt tries to read from it.
31:56 – Naz al-Ghul on the Minitru resurgence.
33:12 – Killah Bee on NCdot’s propaganda or lack thereof.
37:31 – Killah Bee on Reddit presence.
39:44 – Naz al-Ghul on allying with Test “We have that, what they call, weaponized autism on our side”
43:55 – Naz al-Ghul on NER’s existence “People do want to break from their alliance spin” “Eve News24 kinda failed”
44:48 – Naz al-Ghul on INN “I will have to say, Imperium News is pretty fucking great”. Curt reacts poorly.
47:06 – Killah Bee on the alliance tournament “I personally think the AT is one of the most boring things about Eve Online that there is”
49:23 – Killah Bee leaves “Guys I gotta go… WOW expansion in five minutes”

News Roundup

Southern Theatre

  • Pandemic Legion and Horde have departed the theatre to reinforce the northern front. Some indicators suggest that NCdot have re-arranged their capital caches northwards.
  • The Eastern Allies have anchored a number of Fortizars within Feythabolis, and are carrying out a harassment campaign against Kids With Guns, a renter alliance.
  • Legacy is grinding forward in Tenerifis. Despite fierce resistance in internecine entosis warfare, it appears that Legacy has gained the upper-hand.
  • Sources on the ground report that the Eastern Allies periodically mount mass entosis offensives into Legacy space. Due to the timezone differential between Legacy and Winter Coalition, these operations are not followed up.
  • Pandemic Legion, Black Legion and WinterCo subcapitals have engaged in a program of harassment in Esoteria. The efficacy of these operations is questionable, as Legacy’s supercapital fleet is staged in Esoteria.

Etherium Reach, The Quiet War

  • Etherium Reach continues to rumble on. Centipede Caliphate has joined the action. Etherium Breach is on an offensive footing, and is slowly pushing Prothean Alliance back towards the centre of the region. Brothers of Tangra have involved themselves. It did not go well for them.

Northern Theatre

  • The Imperium was victorious in X47, destroying the staging keepstar there and exchanging about 2:1 in titans. NCdot had restaged to DO6H-Q keepstar before this point, however.
  • They have followed this up through robust offensive action into Fade, particularly the 7X-X1Y constellation. Though fighting is ongoing, it seems to be leaning in the Imperium’s direction.
  • Dead Coalition tributary alliance French ConneXion has been functionally evicted from their territory in Pure Blind.
  • The Imperium has also targeted the Aunenen sanctuary keepstar, which is a logistics hub for the Northern Bloc to buy supercaps in. Evacuation orders have already been issued. A defensive effort seems unlikely at this time.