The third round of the Alliance Tournament took place last weekend, filtering the competitors from 24 to the final 3. My article about the second round can be found here.

This weekend saw some inevitable big matches as the tournament progresses whittling out some of the strong, and occasionally just unlucky, entities. These include The Tuskers, WE FORM V0LTA and Northern Coalition. who finish 4th once again.

However, progressing onto the finals weekend are 3 entities who will not surprise many: HYDRA RELOADED, VYDRA RELOLDED and Triumvirate. HYDRA and VYDRA have already faced each other once in the tournament, ultimately resulting in VYDRA moving to the losers bracket to face Triumvirate for their last chance to make it into the finals.

A few more previous alliance tournament prize ships were lost this week including 2 Vangels, fielded by The Tuskers and VYDRA respectively. The most expensive Flagship lost over the weekend, and in this year’s tournament so far, is a Leshak belonging to bluemelon from Pandemic Legion which was worth over 70 Billion ISK. In comparison the Leshak used and flown by NC was reportedly worth 100 Billion, including a 50 Billion ISK damage control. Perhaps unsurprisingly this weekend has seen a rise in flagship losses as groups attempt to use every advantage they can to progress further in the competition. One thing to note about the flagships is the overwhelming choice of the Leshak above all others to claim this role. Clearly following the Into the Abyss expansion the new Triglavian ships have been thoroughly welcomed by the playerbase.

Once again, remember if you want to come along to the studio for the finals weekend party this Saturday, you can find tickets here. All ticket sales revenue will go straight to charity.

Links for the replays for this weekend can be found here and here, with the winners of the third round predictions found here. If you want to know more about the tournament in preparation for this coming finals weekend, check out this video run by Streamfleet, Plus10 gaming and CCP for more information.

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