Parts of this article were written by Brisc Rubal, member of CSM 13 and NER writer. 


NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Hugh Caswakk. Good evening.

Circle-Of-Two lost a number of structures in Fade to the Imperium two days ago, including three fortizars.

In a sharp action yesterday, the Imperium reinforced the iHub in DW-T2I, which is home to the CO2 home keepstar.

A Snuffed Out fortizar in Oijanen, The Forge, was reinforced into hull yesterday morning by a Pandemic Horde-led joint Northern Bloc force.

Triumvirate and Black Legion lost a Ragnarok titan apiece to Legacy coalition late yesterday.


In a bold move, Imperium forces continued their extended campaign against Circle-of-Two today reinforcing the Infrastucture Hub (IHUB) in DW-T2I. The system, CO2s staging in Fade and home of their Keepstar, now reinforced, sets up a potential major battle for Saturday’s final timer in the system. Imperium forces, including a Baltec fleet and a number of capital ships, entered the system and began to reinforce the IHUB. CO2 responded with two fleets, first Typhoons and assorted logistics vessels, which was quickly dispatched by Goons and the Initiative in their “Stuka” boosh/bomber configuration.

Once the first CO2 fleet was dispatched, they reshipped into Megathrons and Bhaalgorns and reentered the fight. This fleet was also quickly dispatched, with The Gigx losing two Monitor flag cruisers in the battle. A battle report shows a Imperium forces losing 60 ships for an 11.23 bn ISK loss – of which the death of two dreadnaughts accounted for half the ISK killed. CO2 lost a total of 321 ships for a 48.26bn ISK lost.

The DW-T system is known for being the system that CO2 and PanFam forces were successful in cynosural field jamming by deploying a jammer on a reinforced Player Owned Starbase (POS). This averted a battle for the armour timer of their keepstar in the system last month. The Imperium has made it a strategic priority to remove the iHub in this system. Doing so would prevent CO2 from cyno-jamming the system again and is seen as a precursor to a second attempt to destroy CO2’s staging keepstar in the system.

When reached for comment, Da Winci – a senior member of Circle-Of-Two, said that:

It’s not the first time they reinforce it. As usual they did that with typical melodramatic flair. The main objective is to kill it ofc and as far as I can tell they didnt – so i’m not sure how newsworthy reinforcing that Ihub actually is.

Time will tell as to the overall significance of this battle.


Imperium forces struck a significant blow to Northern coalition forces this evening, destroying half a dozen CO2 and Dead Coalition structures, including four fortizars. The coordinated fleets hit multiple systems in Fade, wrapping up nearly a week of significant activity for Imperium forces in the North.

In response, CO2 and allied groups formed a number of fleets. CO2 was the prime defence force, fielding two Rupture fleets. These took two fights – one in E-Z2ZX in Pure Blind, and the other in VRH-H7 in Fade – against Imperium fleets. The E-Z2 fight was notable for the ISK-to-ships disparity. CO2 killed 9.2 billion ISK worth of ships in exchange for 7.4 billion lost by the Imperium – but the Imperium lost only 23 ships to CO2’s 288.

Dead Coalition formed a Baltec fleet of Megathrons, and Pandemic Horde patrolled the area in Claws, snagging a number of kills on Imperium stragglers as they returned to their forward staging in 6RC.

The fight represented the culmination of a week’s worth of structure assaults, as part of a larger operation to clear out CO2 structures in the North following the successful assaults on NC.’s X47 Keepstar over the last month, which saw dozens of Titans and supercapital class ships destroyed.

The total ISK lost by CO2 and the rest of the Northern Bloc totals 64.34bn ISK. The Imperium lost 15.07bn ISK in the operation.


A few days ago, Snuffed Out planted a fortizar in Oijanen, a system in The Forge region. This system is of limited military relevance. However, the fortizar had its market tax rate set at 0% – this is important because it is competition to Pandemic Horde run structures in The Forge which also allow untaxed transactions.

Pandemic Horde high command viewed this incursion into their economic affairs as unacceptable and reinforced the structure. Yesterday, at around 9 o’clock in the morning, the armour timer became vulnerable. Pandemic Horde dispatched a Machariel fleet, reinforced by carriers, supercarriers and titans, to destroy it. They were reinforced by 46 pilots from NCdot, and 26 from Dead Coalition.

Snuffed Out deployed a small flotilla of carriers and dreadnoughts in defence. The action was brief, lasting from 09:39 to 09:57 EVE. Pandemic Horde lost a number of fighters and frigates, while Snuffed Out lost one carrier and three dreadnoughts. Snuffed Out extracted, and the structure was subsequently reinforced through to hull.  The toll stands at 4.72bn ISK lost by the Northern Bloc vs 13.03bn lost by Snuffed Out.


With thanks to a source in Legacy for providing a comprehensive AAR on the situation in ZMV

Two Ragnarok titans belonging to the Eastern Allies were destroyed yesterday and early today in unrelated incidents by Legacy Coalition – one of them in ZMV9-A in Tenerifis, the other in 9ZFH-Z, Impass.

The titan in ZMV9-A was killed because a Legacy scout, who was in the area to close a trap on EA black ops operations, noticed it had been on a citadel for 55 minutes without moving. Closer inspection revealed that it had drifted away from the citadel and become untethered.

Assorted levels of Legacy high command were notified, and after some shenanigans, dreadnoughts were undocked in UALX-3 and jumped to the titan. It died in under 25 seconds, and Legacy cleanly extracted.

The second titan was killed in 9ZFH-Z, when the pilot attempted to do a drive-by Doomsday attack on a TEST Rorqual. However, Legacy was aware that this was going to happen and had supercapitals on standby. A Black Legion/Pandemic Legion Munnin fleet was bridged in first to attack the Rorqual, followed by the titan. Legacy deployed heavy interdictors to pin down the attackers, before dropping supercapitals and driving them off. Footage from attacker’s perspective here.



The Quiet War has produced some alarmingly loud bangs lately. Two days ago, DREAM FLEET. filed a proverbial noise complaint by sending a Cerberus fleet to shut down an Etherium Breach attack on the Prothean TCU in EX-GBT. Etherium Breach lost the timer but dealt 3.06bn ISK in casualties to DRF in return for 1.68bn lost.

Etherium Breach also tightened their control on the H7Q-DG constellation today, taking the system of Z-FET0 and destroying a DREAM FLEET. astrahus in CV-6DQ, the only Prothean owned system remaining in the constellation.


There was a brief skirmish in 3V8-LJ, Pure Blind, today over the final timer of a CO2 iHub in system, between the Imperium and the Northern Bloc. If the iHub were destroyed, it would disable the cynojammer protecting the system. This would, in turn, allow the Imperium to directly attack the keepstar there with supercapitals.

However, the Imperium declined to meaningfully engage beyond a handful of frigates and one dreadnought. The timer was won by the Northern Bloc. The Imperium lost 4.24bn ISk vs 252.8m by the North.


Esoteria has been the target of Eastern Allies harassment attempts in the past weeks. However, Legacy has determined to stage their supercapital fleet in Esoteria. This defensive policy was demonstrated late on Wednesday when Skill Urself dropped a 30-man Legion fleet on a TEST Rorqual. It lit its cyno and brought in a number of supercarriers, who killed the SkillU FC and forced them off grid. SkillU lost 2.72bn ISK – TEST did not suffer loss.


In a short battle late last night, a small Evictus, part of Legacy, gang engaged a flotilla of 5 dreadnoughts from The Serenity Initiative, destroying four of them. Evictus used a Hel supercarrier to destroy the ships. This was not part of an official SERIN operation – NER understands it to be an alternative for insurance fraud by a SERIN multiboxer. SERIN lost 10.35bn ISK, while Evictus took no losses. Footage can be found here.

TEST has deployed the Predditors, their black-ops group, to Tenerifis. They are now harassing Tenerifis Coalition space.