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NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Hugh Caswakk. Good evening.

Circle-Of-Two was victorious yesterday in the defence of their iHub in DW-T2I.

Imperium forces destroyed 9 Dead Coalition Rorquals in a running battle today in Deklein.

Tenerifis Coalition has been dealt a substantial blow in the first battle of the Predditors deployment.


The Northern alliances were successful yesterday in thwarting the Imperium’s attempt at destroying the infrastructure hub (IHUB) in DW-. The iHub, which was reinforced earlier this week, allows CO2 to maintain the cynosural jammers that have protected the system and its Keepstar from Imperium forces since it was originally targeted for destruction last month.

The iHub timer, which came out at 1800 EVE time Saturday, served as the locus of a number of brawls and skirmishes throughout the day. Goons, in a Baltec fleet, along with TNT and the Bastion entered the CR-IFM system in Fade hours before the IHUB timer came out and were met by a combined Northern force that included elements from CO2, Dead Coalition, Pandemic Horde, Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition.

Northern allies were able to force the Imperium fleet off grid and had the advantage in ISK killed until Imperium reinforcements in the form of an Initiative “Stuka” boosh/bomber fleet entered system and was successful in landing a number of bomb runs that caused significant damage to the Northern alliances’ Muninn fleet. While Imperium forces were successful in killing 249 Northern coalition ships worth approximately 60 billion ISK, they lost 198 ships worth 29 billion ISK and were unable to destroy the iHub, giving CO2 and allies the strategic victory.

As noted in previous NER reports, the destruction of the IHUB in DW- is key to the Imperium’s efforts to destroy CO2’s DW- Keepstar. By removing the iHub, Imperium forces can prevent a repeat of the last attempt to destroy the Keepstar, which was unsuccessful because of an onlined cynosural jammer that prevented the Imperium supercapital fleet from entering the system in a favorable location.

Given the importance of this iHub to Imperium efforts to remove CO2 and the Northern alliances from Fade, it seems likely that further conflict in these systems in the near future is inevitable.


Today around mid-day in TXME-A, Deklein, the Imperium killed a number of Dead Coalition Rorquals. The battle developed when Space Violence, a special interest group in the Imperium, tackled a dozen such vessels. Three managed to escape, but the rest were held down long enough for an Imperium mainline fleet returning from destroying a Banderlogs fortizar to engage. Dreadnoughts which had been forward staged at a midpoint were involved alongside the subcapitals.

The Northern Bloc did not manage to pull together a fleet in time to save the Rorquals. However, within 15 minutes of tackle landing, they had formed 300 pilots with supercapital support. The Imperium went to extract, moving towards Venal. However, they were caught in 4U90-Z, Deklein.

An action developed with the Northern Bloc deploying a substantial supercapital force backed up by Munnins. Approximately half of the Imperium fleet was destroyed, according to initial reports. The rest of the fleet escaped into Venal.

The combined toll stands at 16.86bn ISK lost by the Imperium vs 63.72bn ISK lost by the Northern Bloc.


The Predditors, TEST’s black ops group, were recently deployed to Tenerifis. Their goal is to haze Tenerifis Coalition in order to weaken their resolve and military strength on the frontline. They began this in extravagant style two days ago with the destruction of sizeable TeneCo fleet across B8HU-Z and Q5KZ-W, Tenerifis.

The action began after Predditors destroyed the iHub in Q0G, owned by Literally Triggered. TeneCo had formed an Auguror Navy Issue fleet to resist them, and Predditors took them on in Lokis. The moment the battle started, Predditors cynoed in three carriers and a FAX. As they gained the upper hand, TeneCo countered by undocking an 8-ship formation of dreadnoughts in 16AM-3 and jumped them into action.

Predditors called for capital reinforcements from UALX-3, which midpointed to T2-V8F. With red timers expired, Legacy capitals started arriving on field. The fight swung firmly in their favour. It briefly appeared that Triumvirate planned to form reinforcements for the beleaguered TeneCo – but stood down as Legacy spun up their own forces.

The toll stands at 1.89bn ISK lost Legacy vs 15.25bn ISK lost by Tenerifis Coalition.



Both Prothean Alliance and Etherium Breach have mounted major entosis operations against each other, with 24 timers in the region upcoming. Whether these timers will lead to substantial fighting remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, significant fighting broke out in T-IDGH over a Prothean and friends’ siege Astrahus, anchored near a Just A Game fortizar. Unspoken Alliance, with the rest of Etherium Breach, responded to this dropping by deploying a substantial dreadnought force and driving off the Russians. The toll stands at 6.09bn ISK lost by Unspoken vs 24.26bn ISK lost by Prothean and friends.

For now, that’s how it is in New Eden. Goodnight.

Parts of this article were written by Brisc Rubal, CSM13 and NER writer.