NER news at seven o’clock. This is Hugh Caswakk. Good evening.

Two major groups in the Caldari Militia, The Bloc and Templis Caldari Special Forces, have elected to leave the warzone.

In a series of clashes on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning, the Imperium went toe to toe with the Northern Bloc, achieving many of their objectives.

There was a sharp action in Syndicate between an Iron Armada-led fleet and a United Federation Conifers force.


In the past two days, two lynchpins of the Caldari Militia have elected to leave faction warfare. The Bloc and Templis CALSF have made clear that CCP’s neglect of Faction Warfare and the dearth of low-level content have forced their hand. The Bloc is understood to be leaving Caldari Militia Coalition entirely and is joining Shadow Cartel. Templis CALSF is not leaving the coalition. However, it is understood to be moving to Great Wildlands in search of more interesting content.

The Caldari Militia Coalition issued the below statement addressing the departures:

As many have heard, yes both The Bloc and Templis CALSF will be leaving the Caldari / Gallente warzone. Templis will remain within the Caldari Militia, but will operate from Null Sec. The Bloc will remain in name only via holding corp, whilst its corporations and pilots join Shadow Cartel.

Although an unfortunate turn of events, the current state of the Faction Warfare meta and it’s mechanics has led to these decisions being made by the leadership of both entities in the interest of their respective memberships.

The Caldari Militia Coalition (CMC) is a brotherhood, built on more than our geographic locations within New Eden or our status in and out of the Militia. The friendships and camaraderie forged within the fires of war do not break easily, Bloc and Templis have both pledged their support of those remaining in the Militia; namely the pilots of HECON and United Fleet as well as many others.

We in the CMC would like to give thanks to our allies outside of the warzone who have come to our aid in the past, as well as our enemies for the good fights they have given us over the years.

Pilots from the Gallente Militia, their opposite numbers, have expressed grief – though in many cases not surprise – at this. It is believed that without these two alliances, the already beleaguered Caldari Militia face exceptionally long odds as they seek to continue the struggle.


On Sunday afternoon, the Imperium fought a number of scrimmages with the Northern Bloc over objectives in Fade. Imperium Strategic Military Director Asher Elias noted that such actions were particularly sharp in character.

In the process, the Imperium reinforced the DW-T2I iHub, which comes out for final contestation tonight. If this piece of infrastructure is destroyed, it will open the door for the Imperium to move supercapitals into DW-T2I and so assail the CO2 keepstar there. Both sides have formed significant forces for tonight’s fight.

The Imperium also reinforced and destroyed a number of structures.

The toll stands at 28.32bn ISK lost by the Imperium vs 71.17bn ISK lost by the Northern Bloc.

Yesterday, a Dead Coalition titan drifted off tether on the DO6H-Q keepstar. The Imperium cynoed in a dreadnought fleet to destroy it. Rapid supercapital response by the Northern Bloc resulted in the majority of the Imperium dreads dying – though it could not save the lone titan.

The toll for this engagement stands at 106.26bn lost by the Imperium vs 86.74bn lost by the Northern Bloc.


On the 21th August at around 0100 UTC, an Athanor owned by Conifers was attacked by Iron Armada and allies in Y9G-KS, resulting in a capital brawl. The attackers included Iron Armada, Intergalactic Space Hobos and 404 Alliance Not Found. The defenders included the United Federation of Conifers, Guillotine Syndicate, G0N3 F1SS10N and LUMPY.

Iron and allies bridged in Bhaalgorns, Nestors and Vindis with triage support. The defenders countered with Machs and triage, then escalated with Dreads.

The attackers counter-dropped capitals, and the Bhaals were able to successfully neut the hostile Dreads, destroying a large portion of the enemy capital fleet. The Athanor was also successfully reinforced.

The toll stands at 32.1b lost by Iron and allies vs 76.55b lost by Conifers and friends. An AAR from the Iron perspective can be found here.



Yulai Federation is understood to be seeking an exit from Legacy coalition, citing the strain of two back to back wars and its effect upon the alliance members.


Legacy coalition and their allies have seen gains in recent days in Tenerifis. Most of the E-IFSA constellation has fallen after protracted battle to XiX, though Legacy pilots are believed to have done the heavy lifting.

Legacy also turned its attention to the southern central portion of Tenerifis. RAZOR Alliance and the Predditors have entosised a number of Blades of Grass and Literally Triggered systems. In particular, X-1QGA has already fallen to TEST. Tenerifis Coalition are understood to be rearming and preparing for further fighting.


The Northern Bloc, headed by Pandemic Horde, killed both Snuffed Out fortizars in Oijanen yesterday. This, for now, puts an end to the Snuffed Out operation to undermine the Pandemic Horde tax haven citadel scheme.


Following an announcement on the 20th August, CCP have commenced a GM Week with the Eve Online Customer Support Team active in New Eden. The scheduled events will include a Scavanger hunt, Caravans, an art competition and more.

In a surprise move on the first day of the event, GMs relocated players known to be botting on the server to the highsec Yulai system, where they were destroyed by the NPC police and a player fleet. This action is one long-requested by the playerbase and received favourable feedback.

The players involved have also been permabanned (as of the 21st) although CCP Falcon confirmed today that in the excitement the GMs initially forgot to ban the offenders.

GMs will be active on the CCP Twitch channel running fleets with known streamers, and have been spotted today in rookie starter areas, with loot available to players. A GM AMA will commence on reddit at 15.00 UTC on Wednesday 22nd.

Parts of this article were written by Marsha Mallow