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  • Imperial Legacy destroy C02 structures Wednesday 22nd
  • C02 successfully defend C4C IHub Wednesday 22nd
  • Syndicate Capital brawl Wednesday 22nd


In an effort to force the Northern alliances to choose between multiple objectives to defend, Imperium and Legacy forces attacked multiple targets in over half a dozen systems in Fade and Pure Blind on the 22nd. Instead of contesting these assaults, Northern bloc member CO2 chose to successfully defend the Infrastructure Hub timer in their Keepstar system in C4C-Z4. The C4C system represents CO2’s primary income producing base of operations.

Imperial Legacy forces were successful in destroying a Sotiyo*, four Fortizars and a number of smaller structures, as well as the Jump Bridge in CO2’s DW-T2I Keepstar staging system. The joint forces then incapacitated the Cynosural Field Jammer protecting CO2’s Keepstar in DW- and reinforced the IHUB in that system, marking the third time in the last two weeks that the IHUB in DW- has been targetted for destruction. Two prior attempts to destroy the IHUB have been thwarted by CO2 forces.

The largest structure destroyed during the combined operation was CO2’s Sotiyo* in 0-ARFO, one of their supercapital production facilities. In addition to the Sotiyo, four Fortizars were destroyed. The first, in Pure Blind, was targeted by a Test Alliance Please Ignore bomber fleet.  The second, in Fade, was destroyed by three Goonswarm/TNT/Karmafleet/Bastion groups and two Initiative fleets, the Goons in both Ishtars, Feroxes and the Baltec configuration, and Initiative forces in bombers and Ishtars. A third, also in Fade, was killed by elements of the Imperium fleets that destroyed the Sotiyo.  Additional small fleets then killed two CO2 Athanors and a Raitaru in the region. Finally, a fourth Fortizar was dispatched at the very end of the combined offensive and the Imperium and Legacy forces withdrew unconstested.

In addition to these structure assaults, the Imperium forces destroyed the Jump Bridge, offlined the Cyno Jammer, reinforced an Azbel and reinforced the IHUB in CO2’s home staging system of DW-. None of these attacks were contested. The Cyno Jammer incapacitation will force CO2 to repair the module or destroy it themselves before it can be brought back online or replaced. While this is an annoyance, given the Imperium’s repeated unsuccessful attempts at destroying the IHUB there, it will not significantly impact CO2’s defense of their Keepstar in the system.

The protection of the C4C IHUB will ensure that the Keepstar in that system remains protected by a Cynosural System Jammer.  That, coupled with the remoteness of the system compared to CO2’s other Keepstar system in Fade, is likely to ensure that the Keepstar will be free from Imperium attacks for the near future. Despite both antagonists having large fleets in close proximity, no major fleet battles took place during the three hour window when hostilities were active.

The attacks represent a combined loss of over 100 billion* ISK to Circle-of-Two. Ship losses on both sides were neglible.

*Note: The Sotiyo kill has not hit zkillboard (although the writer of this segment was present when it was destroyed and we have confirmed with a C02 source), so the Sotiyo loss has been estimated at 30 billion ISK. Depending on how the structure was rigged and fitted, this number could be considerably higher.

[Eds note: this item was drafted on 22nd, structure ops continue today and will be updated in the next 1900].


Iron Armada and allies continued their attack on United Federation of Conifers structures in Syndicate on the 22nd, resulting in another capital brawl. As per the fight recorded here on the 21st, this was an attack on a Conifers Athanor in 2Q-I6Q on a final timer. This time, Iron and allies took the brunt of the losses with both sides escalating with dreads – although in this round Conifers and allies, including the recently formed Shoot First,  outnumbered the attackers. The Athanor was successfully saved and the final toll stands at 58.21b lost by Iron and friends vs 23.96 by Conifers and co. Both sides appear ready to slug it out over future timers, and we will keep you updated with details of further fights.



A Bastion Tatara in Ajna, Aridia, was destroyed on the 22nd at 02.27 UTC by Shoot First, assisted by NCDot. The structure was reportedly reinforced by LSH and Shoot First contacted to destroy the structure, with NCDot in attendance in case of an Imperium escalation. The Tatara was successfully destroyed, and the final toll stands at 28.3b lost by the Bastion with nominal losses incurred by the attackers. An AAR report here indicates that a Bastion rag was tackled by NCDot but managed to successfully escape the fight.


Zarox Toral lost a Whiptail on the 22nd whilst streaming a solo roam in the Kalevala Expanse. This is only the fifth Whiptail destroyed on TQ and the first loss of this shiptype in 2018. A clip of the stream can be found here.

Turon Gorp lost a Chremoas in highsec on the 20th to Concord in what appears to be an attempted gank gone wrong. This is the thirteenth Chremoas destroyed on TQ, although only the tenth outside of the Alliance Tournament.


The current GM Week event continues with updates on days two and three published. As well as the Scavenger Hunt – with GMs hosting events near rookie systems in highsec – GMs have been appearing on CCP’s twitch channel running Caravans fleets FC’d by Bjornbee. In addition to ingame events, competitions continue on twitter and GMs recently completed a reddit AMA.

For now, that’s how it is in New Eden. Goodnight.

If there are inaccuracies in any of the above, please let us know so that they can be fixed.

Featured image credit: Adan Dimaloun