Good evening,

My name is EJTruthInAdvertising, or for short, EJ. I have been playing Eve Online for over 11 years now, having lived and fought and died in Low, Null and wormholes of all varieties. I stepped away from sov null years ago, having come up through the normal ranks of being an F1 pusher in blob alliances and actually deciding to fly my ship. In that time I’ve been everything from line member to CEO and learned a few things along the way.

My goal at the beginning of this identity’s journey was to help people. Maybe not those I see as guilty parties but rather the new guy, the returning vet and the battle-hardened monkey looking for more. So let us begin. What will follow is a small series on the facets that make a good corp. These are pieces that I feel are equally important and work to make the full picture.

What Makes a Good Corp?

Facet 1: People

I know what you’re thinking: “EJ, this is painfully obvious”. And you’re right, you are absolutely correct since a corporation is at a base level a collection of people all flying under the same banner. It is simply a jersey that they wear – if we are to use sports references. But the point I wish to make is that the ‘corp’ is actually an abstraction of their relationships to one another.

When NER first approached about this project I went looking for the smallest possible element that would apply to the topic. Naturally, the initial search settled on individual pilots. However, upon a second whiskey I had a small epiphany that even great people – active, competent, not insufferable – would not make a corp good just by their mere existence. What really made a corp something special was the connections between the people.

If you’re lucky, the people inside a corp will remain close and connected even outside the game environment. They do things together in real life or barring that due to logistics, have more than a passing interest in the normal day to day of each other. Reference it like you would work: most certainly everyone at work is moving towards the same goal in mind, set by the manager or supervisor and with each person doing their own part. However, if you’re at just a ‘job’, showing up day in and day out and never getting to know your coworkers as true blue friends, is just that, a job.

The people that make up a corp do so not by tossing in an application and becoming another number in the bag. They don’t make the corp a thing just because they merely exist within it. The corp is built from their relationships with one another. True friendships, real conversations, actual care about those people that surround you for a fair amount of time each week is what makes a good corp. A good corp is going to welcome new people into that circle. A good corp is going to understand that the game is a game and values the relationship over killboard stats or pap links. A good corp is going to be people you share both victories and defeats with, in real life and New Eden.

If these things are not what you experience within your current organization, ask some tough questions, or be the catalyst for change, whether the cultural reform starts with you or you find your own exit to somewhere better.

In the end, just like in real life, surround yourself with good people, and you’ll be better for it. People that build you up and make you better, people that you want to reciprocate those same sentiments with. Life is too short and Eve is too expensive to waste time on people who aren’t worth it.