NER news at seven o’clock. This is Hugh Caswakk. Good evening.

  • The Holy League and Pandemic Legion have moved their remaining supercapital assets away from the southern theater.
  • The wormhole alliance Holesale Operations is undergoing an eviction with honor by Hard Knocks and Lazerhawks.
  • Hard Knocks and Lazerhawks have destroyed a number of Brothers of Tangra capitals in an ambush in LO5-LN, Malpais.
  • Legacy successfully defended two fortizars in T2-V8F, Tenerifis, and 4-GB14, Immensea in the early hours of this morning.


Citing frustration with the slow pace of the war, the Holy League – led by Skill Urself and V0LTA – have moved their supercapital fleet home to the Drone Regions from their Y-FZ5N staging in Immensea.

Barra, a spokesperson for the Holy League, told NER that:

[The] games [sic] trash. [We’re] going home to play better games.

High-level sources in Legacy command have commented that this vindicates the Legacy strategy of ‘Just. Don’t. Feed.’ This idea is predicated on the concept that the Holy League wanted to see ships explode and win lopsided battles. Therefore, pursuing a cautious strategy which denied engagement on all but favorable terms would sap Holy League morale. This movement may have proven the success of the strategy, though only time will tell for sure.

Further, the remaining Pandemic Legion supercapitals moved from their Tenerifis staging back northwards. This includes common bridging titans. This move may presage a full withdrawal, but it certainly does reflect the lower priority placed by Pandemic Legion on the southern theater at this time.

While the Immensea front remains quiet, in Tenerifis, Legacy is intensifying its offensive action with success (see other news items and correspondent reports). The mood among remaining opponents of Legacy in Tenerifis is reportedly dark. One source said that local groups do not have the capacity “to really carry on into the foreseeable future.”

Time will tell if this is the case.


Lastly, Holesale Operations – a noted wormhole alliance – has been attacked by Hard Knocks and Lazerhawks. This offensive began after several months of espionage and covert logistics. In particular, a Hard Knocks spy built approximately 150 capitals in an Athanor in the system. These capitals were then flown to safe spots in deep space and transferred to HK/HAWKS pilots who had infiltrated the wormhole in light, cloaky, assets. This pre-seeding of the wormhole is to avoid the challenge of wormhole mass limits stopping an attacker from deploying their fleet all in one go.

Holesale prepared for a fight this week, calling upon their allies, but HK/HAWKS declined to engage them. Nevertheless, they are evacuating from the wormhole, including unanchoring their keepstar. They have not been attacked on the way out and appear to have moved the majority of their significant assets to safety.


Lazerhawks and Hard Knocks succeeded between 0805 and 0847 today in destroying a number of Brothers of Tangra (BOT) capitals in the system of LO5-LN. It appears that the battle started when a pair of Lazerhawks supercarriers dropped on a lone BOT Rorqual. BOT brought in FAX support, which was destroyed.

Lazerhawks stayed on the field to destroy the Rorqual. However, BOT brought in assorted capital forces, which were continually volleyed. Lazerhawks brought in their own FAXes to hold the line and phoned Hard Knocks to see if they’d be interested in helping. HK burnt down a sizeable force from Cobalt Edge into the fight.

It is understood that when HK engaged, BOT decided to retreat – leaving two supercarriers behind in the process.

The toll stands at 25.83bn lost by HK/Hawks, vs 146.92bn lost by Brothers of Tangra.


Two Legacy fortizars – one in T2-V8F, the other 4-GB14, were reinforced into armor yesterday. These structures were strategically important to Legacy, with the T2- structure being a base for fleets into Tenerifis and Feythabolis. Meanwhile, 4-GB is the base for TIKLE’s dreadnought attacks against Fraternity into Detorid.

Black Legion, coordinating with WinterCo, organized a major CTA to attack both structures – as they came into their armor timer within 30 minutes of each other, around 0100 today.

However, the Eastern Allies had not cyno-jammed the systems in question. This permitted Legacy to deploy a substantial defensive fleet. The Eastern Allies decided to stand down their offensive for the night. Legacy then reinforced the Fraternity fortizar in T2-V8F into armor.



The Legacy offensive is gathering pace in Tenerifis. After a month of back and forth fighting, the entirety of the E-IFSA constellation has now been secured for XiX. The Predditors, TEST’s black-ops group, carried the campaign deeper into TeneCo space. In particular, they have anchored an Astrahus in Q5KZ-W, which will act as a staging post behind enemy lines.


Legacy fleets succeeded in killing a number of WinterCo capitals in Detorid this afternoon. Though an attempt to bait out and destroy a WinterCo titan failed, Legacy succeeded in engaging a substantial WinterCo fleet in HZFJ-M. They proceeded to inflict a lopsided casualty ratio before disengaging cleanly. The toll stands at 3.18bn ISK lost by Legacy vs 60.67bn lost by WinterCo.

For now, that’s how it is in New Eden. Goodnight.