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  • CCP GM Week concludes 26th August
  • Eve Online Launcher issues 27th August
  • Entosis contest/I-Hub destroyed in Fade 27th August
  • Pandemic Legion spotted redeploying 27th August


The CCP GM Week event, which consisted of various in and out-of-game activities led by the Game Masters, concluded on Sunday 26th August. A review of days four, five and six have been released and include details of the art competition winner, along with a write up GM Lelouch on GM-developer interractions.

To wrap up the event, CCP announced in the updates and hinted on twitter that the final day would see further action in the Yulai system. As per the event in Yulai earlier in the week, CCP moved several player characters to the system who they had identified botting in supercaps and carriers. These included 3 Hels, a Nyx and an Avatar. With around 500 players in local, and more watching the ISD’s stream the event, the ships were destroyed and CCP have stated the players will be permabanned.

The final portion of the event is the competition to rename GM Spider based on player suggestions, with the results now confirmed. As per the reddit thread where suggestions were tallied, GM Spider will be known as GM Socket_Closed going forward.


On the 27th, following multiple reports from users regarding launcher error messages, CCP released the following article. In a relatively short statement, CCP Falcon advised players to ignore the error message:

We are currently receiving reports that players are seeing the message above pop up when starting their EVE Online Launcher.

This message is caused by the fact that the company who provide us with fonts did not renew their SSL Certificate.

We’re working with the company that provides us with fonts to address this, and it’s perfectly fine for pilots to click “ignore” on this prompt and continue on to start their launcher as normal.


On Monday 27th, Imperium fleets clashed with Northern bloc forces over entosis timers and an I-hub in Fade. At the time of writing the initial fleets have disbanded following several hours of entosis contests largely focused on C4C-Z4 and adjacent systems. Imperium forces included Megathron, Jackdaw/Confessor and Stuka (boosh/bomber) fleets, with a successful bombing run on Northern bloc forces in Megathrons at around 14.00 UTC.

Circle-of-Two reshipped several times and engaged hostiles in Jackdaws, followed by Zealots before reshipping to Interceptors to contest the entosis timers. Additional fleets in the area included an NCDot Muninn fleet, a Pandemic Horde Interceptor fleet and Ranger Regiment in Ishtars, then destroyers.

As the parties contested the timers, multiple skirmishes took place between the groups across various systems. Imperium forces successfully destroyed the I-Hub in 8QMO-E, whilst Northern forces defended C4C entosis timers.

Initiative FC Pandoralica, explained the strategic objective with the following comment:

C4C and 8QMO are both important ihubs but for different reasons. While C4C is obviously good to reset because there is a hostile Keepstar in system and we would like to kill that it’s not “opening” the constellation for us. A recent problem we faced were capital fleets that camped us out of the constellation at chokepoints with an active cynojammer in system to prevent us from fielding our own. Since all systems are jammed we couldn’t jump behind them either. Since 8QMO got atleast 2gates into the constellation a reset of the ihub (takes 35days to bring it back up to strategic lvl 5) would mean we can enter their carebear pocket whenever we want. That’s why we focused on 8QMO today.

An estimated battle report for the various systems can be found here (please post if corrections are required – first time doing a multi-system battlereport). The toll stands at 8.57b lost by Imperium forces vs 42.11b lost by Northern allies.

A late report from an NER source indicates that the 8QMO Ihub has been restored by C02, although it remains impossible to currently cyno jam the system due to the mechanics described earlier.


At the time of writing large numbers of Pandemic Legion capitals have been spotted restaging from their current location in ZMV9-A, Tenerifis. It is understood that their final destination will be UW9B-F, Curse. Legacy FC Progodlegend recently commented whilst streaming that the southern front is largely inactive as of now, with the withdrawl of Holy League from the area and a downturn in activity.



At around 22.00 on the 26th, Imperium forces scuffled with Northern Bloc allies in MJI3-8, Tribute. Imperium forces dropped a battleship and Loki fleet on NCDot and renter Rorquals, and NCDot defended with a Muninn fleet. The toll stands at 9.7b lost by the Imperium vs 42.77b lost by Northern allies.


French ConneXion sov in Pure Blind was lost to Violente Fortuna on the 26th August. FXR have been part of the Northern bloc, but appear to have recently relocated to Immensea. It is unclear at this time whether they are resetting their former allies, or merely relocating, and their relationship with new neighbours is unknown.*

* This item needs further info – please get in touch so we can expand or include any statements.

An update regarding FXR was posted by Atys_SLC with permission confirmed to repost:
French ConneXion left Pure Blind at the beginning of August. We fought for four months in this land mine but we are a small alliance, and with the summer vacation we are even smaller. It was a nice place until a shit load of titans land on it. We are now on a way for a new home. We wait all our members which just relax under the sun. And in september we will back in the business.
Even in low period, we continue to create some content for our members. We fought in Aridia/Fountain, then Querious without any plan for this regions. Our main goal now is to regroup our forces. I can’t really say more for the moment.



A Delve whale hunting dread fleet was destroyed on the 24th August by the Imperium in RF-K9W, despite early reports that the defenders were taking significant losses. The attackers primarily consisted of LowSechnaya Sholupen, Siberian Squads and French ConneXion. The attackers appear to have dropped a dreadbomb on Delve Rorqs/ratters but been countered by an Imperium defence fleet which included titans. The final toll stands at 34.58b lost by the Imperium to 192.26b lost by the attackers (this battlereport covers a lengthy period for that day).


At around 0700 on the 26th, Goonswarm attempted a dreadbomb of their own in D-P1EH, Insmother. The defenders included Fraternity, Starchaser Alliance and The Therapists. As the attackers largely consisted of the People’s Liberation Army – and due to the timezone – these are likely Chinese players attacking other Chinese players in their own timezone, and possibly as a result of former grudges on the Serenity server (although if this is erroneous, please let us know). The Imperium forces dropped dreads and bombers, whilst the defenders countered with titans, supercarriers and battlecruisers. The final toll stands at 69.64b lost by the Imperium vs 12.02b lost by Fraternity and allies.


At around 20.00 on August 26th, Snuffed Out dropped a Pandemic Legion move op in Audesder, Molden Heath. Snuff and allies destroyed a titan along with various capitals, with the final toll at 152.3b lost by PL and allies to 3b lost by Snuff & co (let me know if this br is inaccurate/needs amending). A brief comment from a PL player can be found here.

For now, that’s how it is in New Eden. Goodnight.

If there are inaccuracies in any of the above, please let us know so that they can be fixed.


The article originally stated: Imperium forces included Megathron, Jackdaw/Confessor and Stuka (boosh/bomber) fleets, with a successful bombing run on Guardians of the Galaxy forces in Megathrons at around 14.00 UTC.

Vanis corp members have advised this was a mixed Northern bloc Megathron fleet rather than Guardians of the Galaxy. They also confirmed that Ranger Regiment initially fielded Ishtars before reshipping.

An update regarding FXR was posted by Atys_SLC with permission confirmed to repost under the Pure Blind heading.

Featured image credit: Adan Dimaloun