The Weekly Report – Episode 2

  • Video by Adan Dimaloun
  • Writing by Aktilos
  • Narration by Zendane
  • Music by CCP Games


The Northern theatre shows no sign of slowing down, with multiple skirmishes over I-Hubs, TCUs and Citadels. The Imperium has successfully removed multiple structures and I-Hubs in Fade. The butcher’s bill stands at approximately 100 billion ISK. However, they have not destroyed the Keepstar Ihubs of DW-T2I and C4C in two separate attempts at the time of recording.

In the Southern theatre, Legacy coalition are mounting an offensive in the region of Tenerifis. They have entosised and destroyed multiple SOV structures, along with opposing fleets. It is understood that the Tenerifis Coalition, notably Blades of Grass and Literally Triggered, are preparing a counteroffensive to contest these advances.

This week is GM Week, with the Game Masters showing what they do to the community. They’ve hosted an AMA on reddit and participated in ingame roams live streamed via the CCP twitch channel, with popular streamer Bjornbee FCing. One notable event was the public execution of bot characters, as GMs transported the players and their ships to Yulai to be shot and destroyed by waiting capsuleers and NPCs.

The Caldari/Gallente warzone was shaken with the departure of the 2 largest Caldari alliances, The Bloc and Templis CALSF. The Bloc is joining Shadow Cartel and Templis CALSF is moving to Great Wildlands. According to a recent Federation Uprising State of the Alliance, the biggest of the Gallente Alliances has elected to stop focusing in a meaningful way in lowsec, because their main content is gone. Instead, they will place more emphasis on the Northern theatre as an ally to the Imperium.

The region of Syndicate has been aflame in recent days with fighting between Iron Armada and the United Federation of Conifers. Around 200 billion ISK has been killed in two major clashes over UFC Athanors. The second Athanor was saved in a last-ditch Coniferous defensive effort, but both sides appear willing and able to fight on over additional timers.

The Alliance Tournament is over, leaving VYDRA RELOADED as the winner, after a series of hard fought contests.

A Chremoas covert operations frigate, itself a reward of a prior Alliance Tournament, was lost to CONCORD police in the system of Raneilles, in high-sec. It cost approximately 200 billion ISK and was the thirteenth such vessel lost in action.