NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Hugh Caswakk. Good evening.

ElitistOps has left Pandemic Legion, with SniggWaffe to follow.

Etherium Breach has made substantial gains against Prothean Alliance in the region of Etherium Reach.

Legacy is in the early stages of an offensive in the south, while WinterCo subsidiary Global Regiment Alliance is in turmoil due to a defector.


ElitistOps (ISRAD) has left Pandemic Legion. In a post on PL forums, Hedliner stated that this departure is on good terms. PenifSMASH, CEO of ISRAD, gave his reasoning on reddit, saying:

I don’t care for large fleets, big fights, empire building/killing/saving, or any of that type of content. Doesn’t make sense to be in PL anymore or even any alliance for that matter. I made the decision to leave a while ago and was just waiting for the AT to finish.

It is also understood that SniggWaffe (SWIGG) will be leaving the alliance in the coming days. CEO of the corp, Reza Najafi, said in a statement to NER that:

i can confirm we are leaving PL. We are going back being WAFFLES and moving to low-sec at first and then see what opportunities come up. We as corp decided we want to try and maximize our fun/hour in a different way than PL does it and go back to promote our WAFFLE culture which was about giving everyone a chance and getting newer players (not really newbies tho) into PVP, having fun making mistakes, learning from it and becoming better pilots.

We are thankful for the opportunity PL gave us and for the fun we had there. Special thanks to Hedliner, Elise and of coruse Grath.

This follows the departure of Oblivion Watch, which was in the alliance mostly for the Alliance Tournament. It has since rejoined its former home in HYDRA RELOADED.

Unnamed sources have suggested that other Pandemic Legion corporations may be eyeing the door. This cannot be confirmed at this time, though NER is seeking evidence one way or another.


The long war for Etherium Reach seems to have shifted decidedly in favour of Etherium Breach over the past week. After weeks of fierce fighting, Etherium Breach has secured the entirety of the H7Q-DG constellation in the south of the region. Moreover, after an initial setback, Centipede Caliphate is securing the SLYP-5 constellation in the north.

These territorial woes for Prothean Alliance have been capped off by a sharp defeat this morning of a Prothean capital force in 4LJ6-Q. A squadron of Unspoken Alliance (lead group in Etherium Breach) dreadnoughts attacked a Prothean Athanor. They were counter-dropped by Prothean Alliance, and suffered losses, before receiving reinforcement from Etherium Breach supercapitals. Prothean Alliance was then routed, and the Athanor destroyed.

The toll stands at 45.29bn ISK lost by Prothean Alliance vs 21.81bn lost by Etherium Breach.

Local sources report that Prothean morale is low. This has likely been worsened by the recently launched Etherium Breach cloaky camping operation against their home constellation of M9-AN3. However, despite these recent successes, much fighting remains to be done before the Etherium Question is settled one way or another.


Global Regiment Alliance, a former subsidiary of the Winter Coalition, faces turmoil. This was precipitated by espionage, where an agent flipped several key structures – including their staging fortizar and Azbel – to Legacy. NER understands that this was motivated by mistreatment of the individual by Global Regiment Alliance leadership. This subsequently triggered substantial internal disputes. WinterCo disavowed the alliance, and it is believed to be in the process of collapsing at the moment.

Meanwhile, Legacy intends to take offensive action in the south. With the Holy League and Pandemic Legion now having mostly left the theatre, the stage is set for a strategic counterblow.

At the moment, it is understood that Legacy is attempting to secure its rear areas. Feythabolis has mostly been cleared, with a Skill Urself fortizar in D4-2XN being sold to TEST and remaining structures all reinforced. Significant operations are also beginning against Tenerifis, where TeneCo has suffered losses – in particular, RAZOR Alliance are expanding to the detriment of Blades of Grass.

Sources within TeneCo have related that their high command view the system of 16AM-3 as their final stop line against Legacy incursion. This strategy has been reinforced by the alleged movement of WinterCo supercapitals to the keepstar in system. Other WinterCo fleets, in particular capitals and battleships have moved to T2-V8F, in Tenerifis. They are partnering with Black Legion, who also stage there, in efforts to keep possession of the system.

A source in the Legacy intelligence community has named Wicked Creek, Insmother and Detorid as potential future targets for a general offensive. However, at the moment, fighting seems concentrated in Tenerifis. NER will keep you abreast of the situation no matter the result.

For now, that’s how it is in New Eden. Goodnight.

Featured image credit: Adan Dimaloun