A supercapital baiting effort gone wrong resulted in a significant loss for PanFam and Dead Coalition forces yesterday in 04-LQM, Geminate. Elements of the Imperium and Legacy successfully used spies inside Pandemic Horde to trap a group of Dead Coalition Capital Industrial ships in operation, which resulted in a capital escalation that lef tover 75 dreadnoughts and hundreds of other ships in tatters.

Imperium sources told New Eden Report that this operation, which was in planning for over a week, was a mixed success. The primary target of the effort was Pandemic Horde’s supercapital fleet, based in Geminate. After a week of seeding capital ships into systems in low-security space near Geminate, the joint operation began after Imperium spies confirmed a group of Dead Coalition Rorquals was mining in Geminate under the ostensible protection of Pandemic Horde’s supercap umbrella.

These Rorquals moved from Dead Coalition territory earlier this year as a result of continued pressure from Imperium forces in the north, to provide Dead Coalition with resources in a better-protected area of space. The operation was almost scrubbed after Pandemic Horde discovered a number of Snuffed Out members logging in to a system far outside of jump range of this area of Geminate, but close enough to Horde’s industrial base to warrant an order for all Horde mining assets to dock up immediately.

Despite this order, the Dead Coalition and Horde rorquals continued to mine in 04-LQM in Geminate. Unbeknownst to the Dead Coalition industrial ships, the Horde Rorquals were not actually Horde members, but Imperium spies who had infiltrated the fleet and were expected to be lost as part of the operation. These Rorquals were cheaply fit with multiple warp disruptors, reinforced bulkheads, and cynosural field generators and were used to call in Imperial Legacy reinforcements.

When the signal was given, these Rorquals attacked the Dead Coalition ships, and additional false Horde interdictors warped in to prevent the industrial ships from escaping. Pandemic Horde responded with a fleet of Hurricanes and capital ships, primarily dreadnoughts and carriers, which bridged and jumped into the system to defend the trapped Dead Coalition ships.

A dozen Snuffed Out dreadnoughts, and a Nightmare fleet moved in to sweeten the bait for Horde’s supercapital fleet, which never materialized. Once it was clear that the supercapitals were not going to come and Horde’s capital fleet fully committed, along with the Hurricanes, the rest of the Imperial Legacy dread fleet entered the system. A precise bombing run from a Test Alliance Please Ignore bomber fleet wiped out the Horde subcapitals, which left the Horde capital ships without a subcapital screen. The Horde pilots were ordered to reship into Jackdaws, but by the time a sufficient number had done so, the engagement was mostly over, and Imperial Legacy forces were successful in extracting the bulk of their committed forces.

Overall, the engagement appears to be a lopsided Imperium victory, although the overall number of pilots engaged in the battle, roughly 300 on each side, was relatively even. A final battle report showed 327 Imperial Legacy pilots lost 61 ships worth 61.78 billion ISK. PanFam/Dead Coalition had a total of 315 pilots who lost 522 ships and pods, worth approximately 305 billion ISK, although that number is slightly inflated due to the false-flag Horde losses that are included with their total.

Despite being unable to successfully engage Horde’s supercapital fleet, the operation’s original target, an Imperium source told NER they are pleased that:

“the fleet was successful in destroying a significant number of PanFam and Dead Coalition caps while sending the message that Dead Coalitions Rorqs are no safer in the heart of PanFam controlled Geminate than they were in the North.”

Ilian Amarin, Pandemic Horde FC, told NER that “the horde caps died in glorious fire to superior enemy dread numbers“, going on to congratulate Snuff Init and co for a well executed drop” 

NER remains committed to supplying accurate news from the north, and will keep you updated as the situation progresses.


Featured image credit: Razorien