• Video by Arabella Meyer & Adan Dimaloun
  • Footage by Arabella Meyer
  • Writing by Arabella Meyer & Venus Dilara Shirin-Mirza
  • Narration by Zendane


On 30th August 2018, a massive brawl broke out occurred in the Northern Bloc staging system of DO6, in the region of Fade, where fighting broke out between the forces of Imperial Legacy and the Northern Bloc. TEST alliance formed a GOKU stealth bomber fleet under Progodlegend, while The Initiative and Goonswarm Federation fielded multiple fleets of battlecruisers and Baltec battleships. With over 1600 pilots in local, time dilation was at its maximum from the beginning of the fight.

The engagement began over an iHub timer for CR-IFM, a key system in the region held by Circle-of-Two. By the time all assets were committed, however, and with the servers slowing down by a factor of more than ten, the priority quickly became to inflict as much damage upon the enemy as possible in what little time was effectively available.

The iHub timer in question was connected to the strategically valuable cyno jammers, one of the key mechanisms employed by the Northern Bloc in the defense of their Keepstars.

Near the start of the fight, a Circle-of-Two Augoror Navy Issue fleet took advantage of TEST fleet commander Progodlegend’s disconnect and slowed down his Monitor with webs to prevent any of his bombers from anchoring on him.

Throughout the engagement, arguably the two most effective fleets in terms of connection continuity seemed to be led by JayAmazingness, of Goonswarm Federation, with Feroxes on the Imperium side, and KillahBee, of Northern Coalition, with a Muninn fleet that was kiting 100km off the center of the grid.

Northern forces eventually sustained heavy losses due to the sheer number of fleets brought on by the combined Imperial Legacy forces.

Overall, the confrontation lasted just under two hours with the ISK war firmly in favour of Imperial Legacy. However, just as all seemed to be going as well as it could for them…

…without warning the server node crashed.

Imperial Legacy was the first to log back in. Northern forces were initially ordered not to log back in, and those who did met immediate destruction at the hands of the Imperial Legacy forces between which they landed.

While Imperial Legacy only lost 11.8 billion isk compared to the almost 46 billion they inflicted upon the north, they failed to achieve the objective of securing enough nodes to take down the crucial iHub. Having faced less than one-tenth of normal server speed in DO6, Circle-of-Two was able to secure all the other system nodes in real-time within the rest of the constellation.