The Seventh Estate, or 7th, has been through a plethora of trials and tribulations in its short history. What started as Jin’taan’s vision to bring a breath of fresh air to nullsec, has come under much scrutiny recently.
Jin started his own corporation, and alliance, in the form of Red Noise. He was quickly joined by some older alliances such as former Drone Regions Federation members Synergy of Steel and Blue Sun Interstellar Technologies, along with Manifesto. Manifesto is a standout here due them being one of only a few groups to leave the now defunct Vanguard Coalition without being completely obliterated by Vanguard’s main alliance Triumvirate, a fate that many former Vanguard alliances, such as Pestilent Legion, met. While Manifesto did lose a the majority of their members, their ability to survive where many others did not, is noteworthy.
Between the Imperium torpedoing diplomatic standings, to infamous diplomat Jay Maricadie’s involvement, and Jin’taan’s departure to the Imperium, what is really going on inside 7th? Will they crumble like naysayers’ rhetoric says, or will they stand firm? As one Synergy of Steel representative said “The only way to get strong is for stuff like this to happen, steel can only be forged in fire.”
It starts with a vision to bring good, fun content to nullsec. 7th leadership utilized Jay Maricadie’s knowledge in setting up the infrastructure of a coalition. But, in order to prevent drama, Jay used a new character called TheCurator. The reason for the potential drama is that Jay Maricadie is well-known in nullsec as a diplomat with a very questionable history, going back all the way to Band of Brothers.
Since then Jay has done diplomatic work for Panfam, Fidelas Constans, and more recently the DRF/DCU. DCU leadership laid much blame for the collapse of their coalition at his feet. Similar sentiments were made when N3 Coalition fell apart.
To keep everything low-key, 7th hid Jay from most of nullsec behind the character, TheCurator. 7th worked out a deal with The Imperium for standings, and 8 minutes after the deal went into effect, it was torpedoed. Why this happened, really depends on whose side of the story you believe. The Imperium claims that they were unaware of Jay Maricadie’s involvement in 7th. As soon as they learned of this, Aryth, one of The Imperium’s leaders, cancelled the deal since he does not want to work with Jay.
On the other hand, 7th claims that Imperium leadership knew about Jay’s involvement but was still willing to work with 7th. However, one leader within the Imperium decided at the last minute to nix the deal. Nothing is concrete but the rumor got back to 7th that it was Aryth by himself who nix’d the deal while the rest of Imperium leadership was fine.
7th is unsure if this is a “case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing within the imperium” as stated by bandit773, the new head of 7th, or if this was something personal between Aryth and Jay.
Jay Maricadie maintains that Aryth cancelled the deal because he thought 7th would be a puppet coalition for The Imperium, and upon learning that they would be a sovereign group with standings, he got angry and stopped the deal out of spite. Aryth and Jin’taan have declined to comment. The Imperium was not willing to make an official statement at time of publication giving their side of the story.
What does this mean for the future of 7th? Well for starters, this coalition is full of survivors. Synergy of Steel has been around for a long time, Manifesto has a bit of history to it, 7th executor alliance Blue Sun Interstellar technologies has been around for about 2 years. These groups have been through difficulties before, so it is plausible that they will stay the course.
When asked for specifics, bandit773 seemed very optimistic. He still holds true to the initial vision of 7th and is working hard to make it a great coalition for existing members and new members. They have the diplomatic connections to secure themselves somewhere in null. While they don’t have the numbers to go entirely alone, they can be an effective ally to another group.
When asked if the departure of Jin’taan was planned or not, or if that would hold back 7th, bandit773 had this to say:
While it was not planned, it is not surprising that Jin made the decision to move on. Jin is a very chill and laid back guy. He got involved with 7th to help establish a unifying vision and to be a figure-head to rally around on the leadership team. He was likely caught off guard with some of the hostility that was directed at him personally from outside entities and that is not what he signed on for. Ultimately Jin made the decision to return to doing his style of PVP without the META drama and focusing on his role as a CSM member.
Jin has joined his corp-mates from the now defunct Pentag Blade, in a new corporation, Escalated a member of Initiative Mercenaries.
However, in regards to the future of 7th, bandit said this:
We have finalized a new arrangement that will allow T7E to grow and provide our members with the content they are looking for.
So, from at least the perspective of an outsider looking in, it seems like it is full steam ahead for what’s remaining of this coalition. Let’s see what the future brings. I think I speak for the rest of the NER when I say that rise or fall, I will continue to watch the progress of Eve’s newest nullsec coalition.
Featured image credit: The Aggressor