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Legacy successfully destroyed an anchoring Winter Coalition keepstar in 46DP-O, Tenerifis.

The Sanctuary Keepstar in Maila was stolen by the Ivana Trading Federation.

EBOLA has come to terms with The-Cure coalition, representing a new step in the war for the Great Wildlands.


On Sunday, September 2nd, Fraternity – lead alliance of Winter Coalition – anchored a keepstar in the system of 46DP-O, in Tenerifis. This would serve as a bulwark for their Tenerifis holdings and provide a staging position for the coalition. Legacy, therefore, would not permit it to be onlined without a fight.

As soon as word reached Legacy command, their supercapital fleet was mobilised and moved to a fortizar in NZW-, Tenerifis. WinterCo responded by moving subcapitals into 46D and staging their supercapitals in 77S. It is interesting to note that 77S is four jumps away from 46D, though only one gate.

They also anchored large bubbles on all the in-gates and attempted to online a cynojammer around 0930 EVE on September 3rd – as the keepstar would become vulnerable around 1200 EVE that day. This was also Labor Day, a holiday in the US, which allowed American pilots in Legacy to be online in some numbers.

Legacy responded to the cynojammer by dropping a dreadnought force on the jammer and incapacitating it. Defensive efforts to get a new jammer up and running did not work. This action permitted Legacy to jump their fleet directly onto the target.

WinterCo called upon their allies in Pandemic Horde and Dead Coalition, while Legacy asked the Imperium for support. The Imperium fleet worked to delay the Dead Coalition contingent, preventing them from reaching the fight, while Horde arrived in 77S with Machariels and carriers.

However, Legacy held the in-gate from 77S with capitals and subcaps, aided by GSF battleships and Initiative bombers. Horde did not jump through the gate and engage. Legacy brought around 80 titans into the system and attacked the keepstar – WinterCo, seeing the odds tilted against them, declined to engage.

The end result was a dead keepstar, and a reverse for WinterCo in the ongoing conflict.


The Maila Sanctuary Keepstar, which was being unanchored as part of a diplomatic deal with the Imperium, was stolen late yesterday by the Ivana Trading Federation. The unanchoring operation was conducted under the auspices of Fafer, in Ghost Legion, with Pandemic Horde providing security.

The actual unanchoring process went out without a hitch. However, when the collection freighter picked up the keepstar, it was immediately attacked. Ivana Trading Federation, a group known for killing supercapitals in the vicinity of Maila, dropped dreadnoughts on the freighter and blasted it apart. Ivana then bridged in an Obelisk freighter, took the keepstar which had been dropped, and made off with it.

Matterall, in the Talking in Stations public Discord, said that:

Its a loss for The movement, but it will go on. that said – I didn’t set up that evac! My team had nothing to do with it! :open mouth emoji: [sic]

Fafer expressed similar sentiments on reddit.

It is currently understood that Ivana Trading Federation intends to sell off the structure rather than keep it for themselves. Vily, military lead for Legacy, is believed to be one of the prospective buyers.


After weeks of fierce fighting, the Great Wildlands War between The Cure coalition and EBOLA alliance appears to be winding to a close.

Alekseyev Karrde, CEO of Capitalist Army and key player in The Cure told NER that:

EBOLA and The Cure coalition have agreed to a structure NAP. EBOLA has basically agreed to give up the eviction campaigns that started this war off and be good neighbors to the rest of the PVP community in Great Wildlands. We consider this a victory and welcome better relations with EBOLA going forward as they have been a fixture of Great Wildlands PVP for nearly a decade.
Hostilities against Plague of Dissidence and their allies/former EBOLA allies Hell Legion continues. ~POD~ is the alliance formed by the EBOLA directors who most actively drove the eviction efforts. They performed a coup within EBOLA as the war began going poorly and created this new group to try to get a fresh start. They asked for and were given a NAP with CURE shortly after the coup but broke it in less than 48h once they got promises of outside help. That help either never came or was not very effective so now they’re in the process of losing or unanchoring all their stuff.

NER is attempting to reach out to members of EBOLA and Plague of Dissidence for comment, though this has not been successful at the time of publishing.

For now, that’s how it is in New Eden. Goodnight.

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