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NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Hugh Caswakk. Good evening.

Imperial Legacy have secured the iHub in DO6H-Q, paving the way for an assault on the Northern staging keepstar there.

Legacy have gained substantial ground in Tenerifis, and are preparing for a siege of the 16AM keepstar.

The Holy League & Triumvirate clashed over a TRI fortizar in EFM-C4.

Hugh Caswakk will retire from the New Eden Report on Saturday the 15th of September, and cease his own involvement with the 1900 News as of the 10th.


In hours of intense fighting this morning, between around 0900 and 1200 EVE, the Infrastructure Hub in DO6H-Q fell to Imperial Legacy forces. The Northern Bloc deployed 984 ships to defend the crucial system against 1015 attackers. Imperial Legacy, however, was able to escalate in the action by deploying dreadnoughts and carriers. The North declined to match this commitment.

Though Imperial Legacy lost the ISK war by about 2bn (36.77bn lost by Northern Bloc vs 38.38bn lost by Imperial Legacy), it was a strategic victory in that it secured the iHub. This prevents the Northern Bloc from maintaining a cynojammer in the system, which had previously stopped Imperium supercapitals from attacking the northern staging keepstar there. The keepstar is now vulnerable, and it is expected that the Imperium will seek its destruction in the coming days.

If said structure were destroyed, it would have a potentially substantial impact upon the course of the war in the north. NER will watch the situation very closely as it develops.


Legacy has made significant gains in the Tenerifis theatre. Their allies in Legion of Death and Razor Alliance have taken most of the west of the region, with Legacy support. Blades of Grass, which previously held much of the area, are understood to have pulled back most of their force to a Fraternity keepstar in 16AM-3.

However, that refuge may not remain secure. Legacy has anchored a fortizar on grid with the structure, defeating a TeneCo foray against it. Once it onlines in a few days, it is believed that the keepstar will be attacked. This has been described as the ‘logical next step’ by a member of Legacy military command.

There have been other battles throughout the region, the great majority having gone Legacy’s way. One factor that has come up again and again is the Predditors SIG, TEST’s black operations group. They have spearheaded irregular action in the region, lowering ADMs and providing rapid reinforcement to conventional Legacy efforts.

Meanwhile, in Immensea, Legacy have anchored their own keepstar in 08-N7Q, which is behind WinterCo’s lines. This may influence the ongoing character of the war, or simply reinforce Legacy’s position without contest.


A spokesperson from Unspoken Alliance declined to comment, a spokesperson for Triumvirate has been contacted but has yet to respond.

In the early hours of this morning, Holy League/Etherium Breach and Triumvirate fought over a Triumvirate fortizar in the system of EFM-C4, Insmother. The attackers, consisting of Nightmares from Skill Urself reinforced by Rattlesnakes from Unspoken Alliance, forced the fortizar into its structure timer.

Triumvirate answered the foray with a 50-ship Machariel fleet. However, they were outnumbered and picked apart. Some of the battleships managed to escape, but attacking interdictors kept half of them pinned down and destroyed. The toll stands at 2.54bn ISK lost by Holy League/Etherium Breach vs 13.05bn ISK lost by Triumvirate.

This is not necessarily indicative of a broader conflict occurring between the two powers. They are known for having short blue lists and reset each other some weeks back for content. Only time will tell as to the significance of the action.


It feels a bit self-indulgent to write a news item about myself, but in any case, – as of 2200 EVE on Saturday, the 15th of September, I will be retiring from the New Eden Report. This is because I leave for university early on the 16th and will therefore be too busy to retain any serious involvement with NER, or, indeed, EVE as a whole.

I will remain on the Discord in an intermittent advisory capacity to the directors but will otherwise be inactive. I may return to activity next year, but I do not want to make any promises on that subject.

My past four months with NER have been extraordinary – and I don’t use that word lightly. I’ve had the chance to write about fascinating stories and events, alongside a team of players from all parts of the game. In so doing, I believe that I’ve provided a service to the wider community.

I have full confidence that NER will continue to cover events from around the game with ever increasing capacity and fidelity. If you would like to help in that effort in any way, then join the Discord and DM Curt#8110 or Marsha Mallow#3633.

This has been Hugh Caswakk with the New Eden Report. Goodnight.

Featured image credit: Adan Dimaloun