Eve Online subreddit /r/eve has reached 100,000 subscribers. It’s been awesome to see /r/eve grow to become the central discussion place within the Eve Online community. In light of this milestone, the /r/eve moderator team has picked out their favorite threads from the past few years:

I believe /u/Jamesbeam attempted to have me assassinated this afternoon, so to retaliate I am posting all of the IRC logs I have with him by /u/Ohh_Yeah

The origin of “The Avocado Cartel” meme: an Eve redditor posted logs from a conversation with another player claiming that he smuggles millions of tons of avocados out of Mexico. Suffice to say it was top guac.

How do I sell a hanger full of corpses? by /u/cvetley

Some of the more macabre aspects of Eve Online make for amusing threads that are upvoted en masse to shock non-Eve players on /r/all. This was one of the first of its kind.

A hidden message in the patch notes for Tuesday by /u/CaptainCrutches

What happens when an Eve devblogs meets an acrostic poem? CaptainCrutches finds out.


A significant flashpoint from when The Imperium was evicted from the North, Circle-Of-Two’s decision to switch sides was first announced on reddit by The Judge.

ladies and gentlemen, I give you Peak Salt by /u/RubberMaid420

After an embarrassing loss of two Widows to some highsec wardeccers, players from Total Insecurity reach “peak salt” in argument with their alliance that lasts for two hours.

Living Breathing Subhuman: To Kill an Alliance by /u/ChevisPreston & Neverodd Gets Even: 61 Lawyers Edition by /u/Jibrish

As a newly minted mod, Chevis Preston joined, and then released an expose on TEST renter alliance Living Breathing Fuel Blocks run by the infamous Neverodd with a scathing thread. It detailed the temperamental and shady dealings in the way that only Chevis could.

In a follow up thread, another mod, Jibrish, posted logs from a conversation with Neverodd, which further invited criticism against the failing leader. The most remarkable Neverodd quote being “I have 61 lawyers” along with multiple empty claims that he was going to take legal action against Chevis for his reddit posting, much to the amusement of the community.


In a joke post masquerading as a serious announcement, The Initiative was touted to leave The Imperium and join The-Culture, who held Fountain at the time. This immediately prompted Violence of Action and Cede Nullis to evacuate, oblivious to the ruse.

This is not the greatest leader in the world, this is just a tribute by /u/Cymek

Cymek is arguably one of the most well-known Eve Online propagandists. His tribute piece to gigX shortly after he was permabanned is the highest upvoted piece that he has done.

r/starcitizen declares war on r/eve – “Thanks for being undersanding.” by /u/_TheJudge

While the catalyst for the Star Citizen versus Eve Online social media “war” was the addition of the Venture-like Vulture to Star Citizen, this reddit thread marked open meme war between the two subreddits.

We are on strike. by /u/Jibrish

Following criticism of mod bias from players, reddit mods went on strike for several days until the community recognised the volume of badposting/empty topic threads.

[PSA] When posting things to Iceland… by /u/CCP_larrikin

It’s fair to say that Developer decisions are not always popular. Not long after CCP started making sweeping changes to all things with a jump drive, a disgruntled player decided to go beyond the internet to make his thoughts known. Not only did he tell CCP to eat a bag of dicks, he provided the means to the end.

EVE best MMO of 2014. We did it reddit! by /u/ZeldenGM
When mmogames decided to do a public vote for best game of the year, we all knew how it would turn out. Whilst other gaming communities such as /r/2007scape gave the daily vote smashing a good go, they were never going to beat the army of alts and daily dedication of the “special” EVE Community. Needless to say in years to follow EVE was banned from votes due to the…tenacity of the vote-force.


Post by New Eden Report and /r/eve’s moderator team

Image by Adan Dimaloun