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NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Curt Adrano. Good evening.

  • CCP banned Fraternity’s Executor noraus’ main accounts citing RMT
  • Amarr faction warfare resurges following the return of Two Maidens One Chalice to the war zone.
  • Lumpy evacuates from Immensea, Legacy declare ceasefire


Following a wave of account bans across the game, noraus, Fraternity‘s executor, revealed in a “State of the Alliance” meeting that his accounts were hit with permanent bans too due to real-money trading (RMT). The affected characters include Randolph Yuan, Fraternity’s alliance executor character, noraus, The Therapist’s executor character, and noraus’ main PVP character, TurbulenceZERO. The alliances have since moved the executor roles to new characters using their shares.

The ban follows player accusations thrown at Winter Coalition of botting and RMT. noraus denies this.


After leaving Shadow Cartel, Two Maidens One Chalice <TMOCC> has rejoined the Amarr Militia and taken the “sacred” Minmatar system of Arzad. The siege lasted three days and saw many of the Amarr militia’s alliances work together to take the system. This flashpoint marks a resurgence in the Amarr militia which fell on hard times as of late. TMOCC are commited to the cause, with fleet commander Gian Bal saying in their after-action report on reddit:

TMOCC plans to continue to spearhead the Amarrian offensive to retake what is rightfully ours! Many say FW is dead however after 6 Hours of constant brawling and bloodshed, we beg to differ.

Of course, a full response to the Amarr militia’s efforts is yet to be seen. Whether the Amarr can be as successful now that they have the Minmatar militia’s full attention will be crucial to how short or long-lasting the Amarr’s efforts can be. Minmatar Ushra’Khan pilot Isha Vuld had this to say:

I will say the obvious: We’ve got no intention to let the slaving Amarr pull off a crusade to regain the warzone! The Minmatar continue to control vast swathes of territory and we’ve got every intention of holding on to that. Yeah, Arzad was unfortunate. The Amarr really came in with a lot of ships, a lot of pilots, and quite a few alliances got involved on their end and we did the absolute best we could under very difficult circumstances. It was an outnumbered and outshipped fight from start to finish and there was little we could do in the end, unfortunately. For me personally it was a wake-up call, and I don’t think minmil will be standing idly be if they intend to take it further. After all, as important as Arzad was, it was just one system. We’ve freed it before, we’ll free it again.

isha vuld eve online news and media new eden report
Minmatar Militia Republic Fleet Firetails in formation. Image by Isha Vuld


League of Unaligned Master Pilots <LUMPY> is evacuating from Immensea. Legacy Coalition affirmed their aim to take Tenerifis and Immensea, prompting LUMPY to withdraw. Legacy Coalition will allow Lumpy to withdraw during the evacuation. Lumpy fleet commander Mikokoel had this to say:

so yeah, we’re evaccing soon
TEST announced they want to claim all of immensea and tenerifis
and we aren’t delusional enough to think we can defend vs. them if they really want our space

Test Military Director Vily said this:

lumpy are good people but the space we are being forced to expand into creates a conflict where lumpy ends up in our back lines. we cant let that be so we are evicting them. they are however good people who helped us when we moved down to catch. so we are working out a deal so they can remove their assets in a clean way

The evacuation will allow Test and Legacy Coalition to strengthen their grip on the two regions. With Pandemic Legion undeployed from the area, as well as Triumvirate and Skill Urself at war, Lumpy’s evacuation leaves just Fraternity and a handful of smaller alliances with stakes in the two regions against Legacy.


That’s the news in New Eden. Thanks for reading.