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NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Curt Adrano and Marsha Mallow. Good evening.

  • The Imperium and Northern Bloc Reach Ceasefire Agreement
  • Legacy Coalition and Winter Coalition Reach Ceasefire Agreement


After The Imperium razed several key strategic structures across Fade and Pure Blind, Aryth and Sort Dragon negotiated a non-invasion pact to end The Imperium deployment to the North-West.

Structures lost on the 19th, the day before the NIP was leaked.

In an announcement posted to INN and Reddit in the early hours of Thursday UTC, a ceasefire between the Imperium and Northern forces was declared:

“The Imperium will withdraw main fleet, SIGs/squads, and cloaky campers from the northern territories* for 1 month, and from GOTG** space for 6 months, starting on Sep 29, 2018”

Sort Dragon agreed to end hostilities, for six months, in exchange for forty faction fortizars to be sent to Aryth following negotiations between the two groups during and after the CSM Summit. Shortly after the announcement, Sort engaged in an open Q&A and discussed the agreement in TIS discord. Imperium lead also published a fireside announcement of the agreement.

This agreement was to be kept confidential but was leaked by a disgruntled Slyce corp in the process of leaving the alliance.

Imperium forces have begun to withdraw from the staging Keepstar in 6RCQ, with indications that it will be decommissioned shortly.



After Legacy Coalition made substantial progress in the war, Winter Coalition is pulling out of Tenerifis and Immensea as part of a six-month non-invasion pact.

Outlined in a post on the Test forums, and viewable here, the deal includes an end to all territorial aggression, a plex tribute from Winter to Legacy, and an exchange or unanchoring of structures of the rival coalitions in each other’s territories.

Negotiated between Winter Executor, noraus, and Legacy Lead Fleet Commander, Vily, the deal allows Legacy to consolidate control over Tenerifis and Immensea (Legacy’s principal objective in the war) while keeping Winter Coalition’s core regions out of Legacy’s Coalitions cross-hairs for at least the next six months.

Vily gave the following statement  to NER:

“At this time the Legacy Coalition and Fraternity (and their associated alliances) have come to an arrangement in which Legacy gives the Fraternity group a NIP for six months in return for a removal of their assets from Tenerefis/Immensea and an undisclosed sum of plex. This represents what we feel is a clean end to the southern component of the summer war and effectively closes that front. It is our expectation that there may be border conflicts between Fraternity and XiX at later dates and between encroaching alliances and Legacy in the region at later times but for now we think this should close the theater. As always, Legacy holds no grudges for actions taken against us in error and will forever offer the hand of friendship forward to all alliances and coalitions that would chose to accept it. While we are doubtful that Fraternity will be able to overcome the mentality that Legacy is an enemy we will nonetheless continue to work towards peace on our borders.”


That’s the news in New Eden. Thanks for reading.