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NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Marsha Mallow. Good evening.

  • CO2 restage to Malpais
  • Fafer resigns as head of B0T
  • CO2 restage again, to the Kalevala Expanse
  • Multiple brawls over Iron Armada lowsec fortizar



Following the recent conflict, and reported friction between Northern allies, Circle-of-Two restaged from Fade to NBW-GD, Malpais around the 22nd-23rd. So far, six CO2 systems in Fade lost since the relocation have been taken by Violente Fortuna. According to line members, the goal of relocating the alliance was to rebuild player and alliance wallets and to take a break from the front lines.

On Tuesday 25th reports on Reddit surfaced suggesting that the invitation to relocate came from Brothers of Tangra, the NCdot affiliated renter group in the region, but was causing tension in the local ecosystem. Skill Urself destroyed a CO2 titan and assorted capitals on the 27th and rumors circulated that the Imperium might attack the area in retaliation for providing a haven for CO2.

Later the same day, Fafer announced his resignation from B0T leadership citing amongst other things ‘differences I have with the owners about the philosophy, political topics, and strategy.’ In an unusual exchange, LadyScarlet of NCdot lead posted a reply clarifying that the resignation was related to Fafer’s decision to offer CO2 a base in Malpais. Apparently, this was against the wishes of NCdot leadership, and she further indicated that CO2 would not be welcome in the region going forward. Since this exchange, CO2 is understood to have relocated to Pandemic Horde held FB5U-I in the Kalevala Expanse.


An Iron Armada fortizar in Barleguet, Placid, has been the focus of multiple skirmishes this week. On Sunday 23rd, the armor timer for the structure resulted in a brawl between Iron Armada and friends vs Shoot First, Black Legion and Pandemic Legion. The toll for this fight was 9.64b lost by the defenders vs 18.71b lost by the attackers. A detailed AAR by Tridgit for this round can be found here.

On Wednesday the 26th another armor timer for the structure generated a brawl, with nearly 500 players involved. The fortizar armor was successfully reinforced*, and the final toll stands at 20.59b lost by the defenders vs 19.37b lost by the attackers. An AAR from the Black Legion perspective can be found here.

nivlac hita, an Initiative FC who was leading part of the defense fleet for this fight, gave the following comment to NER [tweaked a little for clarity]:

‘Iron armada and BL have been fighting in synd and ls a while now over some shoot first structures, the SC offshoot. In response, BL has reffed ia deployment fort staging in barle a few times, but didn’t show to armor timer until the large fight we had.

Iron armada batphoned init, goons proper, and fedup to assist them. And both sides had other groups too who i dont know

Fedup and init formed feroxes,goons formed another ferox fleet, while  ia +etc formed snakes

Bl started by dropping lr phx to ref the fort with a haw rev and mino. When we brought our fleet to engage those, bl then dropped their large muninn fleet. Ia snakes melted while the 2 ferox fleets warped around grid shooting muninns. But we both finally lost so many feroxes that we had to conceed, and bl finished the timer uncontested after that’

On Friday the 28th another armor timer on the structure* drew similar numbers, with Shoot First assisted by Black Legion and Pandemic Legion vs Iron Armada supported by Imperium and GalMil. The armor timer was successfully reinforced* with 22.52b lost by the attackers and 17.44b by the defenders. The total ISK lost by both sides in system stands at over 108b this week alone, and the fortizar remains alive.

*Some confusion during write-up over whether armor timers were successfully reinforced on these ops – if you have info to add, let me know



At around midnight on Wednesday 26th September, a brawl took place over a Tatara in Esaeel, Aridia. Shoot First, and NCdot engaged The Bastion and The Initiative in Munnins and dreads, while the defenders fielded a mix of subcaps, capitals and supers. The final toll stands at 21.79 lost by the attackers vs 16.76b lost by the defenders, with the Tatara saved.


On Sunday 23rd September at 12.15 UTC TehEbil1 of The Tuskers lost a Victor in Hulmate, Essence. This is only the second Victor destroyed on Tranquility. The Victor was issued as a prize during the 2017 Alliance Tournament XV.


Updates to MAC OS Users

Updates to MAC OS users were announced on 24th September and went live on the 25th, with the following statement:

We’ll be making changes tomorrow that require an update to the minimum system requirements for Mac users. This will mean that our minimum system requirements will change to reflect the following:

  • Formal support of 10.14, 10.13 and 10.12.
  • 11 will work, but will not be supported.
  • 10 and older will stop working.

October Titan Titan Tweaks

On September 26th CCP Fozzie announced two balance tweaks to Titans, with the following statement:

Removal of the AoE damage whenever a titan dies

We are looking at this change primarily as a way of improving server performance slightly for large fleet fights.

I don’t want to oversell the expected results here: titan AoE death damage isn’t a huge contributor to server load but it does have some impact (roughly similar to a small bombing run) and since the death AoE feature does not serve a very important gameplay role we believe that in balance it’s a worthwhile idea to cut the feature.

Extension of tether prevention after titans fire their doomsdays

An issue was discovered in recent months that causes titans to re-tether quickly after firing doomsdays if their target dies immediately. This was allowing some titans to use their doomsday devices without appropriate levels of risk.

To solve this issue and generally enforce a good amount of risk on the use of doomsdays we are currently planning on extending the existing debuffs that prevent titans from jumping, docking, or cloaking for 5 minutes after firing their doomsday devices to also prevent tethering during this time.

To be clear: this second change is being made purely for balance reasons, not for server performance reasons.

Feedback to these changes has been positive overall. The AOE effect was noted by players to be negatively affecting server performance during recent large-scale fights in UALX and X47.

Call for registration for Vegas Alliance Trophy

With less than a month until EVE Vegas, CCP have issued a reminder to all attendees to register their alliance name via the Eventbrite ordering system. Player organizations with more than ten attendees can compete for the chance to win the nameplate on the Alliance Attendance Trophy.


That’s the news in New Eden. Thanks for reading.