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  • Pandemic Horde reset Dead Coalition
  • Snuffed Out ambush Black Legion titans
  • Imperium super fleet withdraws from warzone staging



After a breakdown in diplomatic relations between Pandemic Horde Executor Gobbins and Dead Coalition’s leadership, Gobbins initiated an “unfriendly reset” of standings with the other coalition. This decision follows an increasingly tense diplomatic situation between Northern-aligned groups, in particular, a series of leaked pings between Sort Dragon, and CO2’s leadership, and CO2 later restaging to Horde space in the Kalevala Expanse.

Gobbins sent the following ping to Pandemic Horde:

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RiotRick, Executor of DeadCo alliance Slyce, gave the following statement to NER:

Horde and Dead Coalition have been blue and neutral as a cycle. We have shot at each other for fun and practice. The only difference now is that Gobbins is understandably angry. In his view, he feels betrayed. He asked Dead Coalition to buy his structures in Fade/PB so he could leave the North and believed moving to Geminate would allow PH to grow since Goons were focused on the North. With Sort doing this peace deal, he feels this move would make his home the front line. Obviously he wants the sigs to continue their focus on Dead Coalition as they have been deployed against us since October 2017. I don’t think anybody in Dead Co have ill will against Gobbins and PH bros, and I understand where he comes from. Unfortunately, he doesn’t understand where we come from.


6RCQ, The Imperium’s staging, during the recent deployment to the north, has been fully evacuated and the coalition has returned to Delve along with their special interest groups and squads. This period of peace will last for about a month before the cluster will see deployments from The Imperium again.

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A group of Imperium supercapitals and capitals tether on a fortizar while on the journey home, taken by /u/-hosain-.


Snuffed Out destroyed several Black Legion titans in a clash over an anchoring Black Legion fortizar in Siseide, under attack from several other entities including Shoot First, Sev3rance, and Siege Green. To protect the fortizar once it became vulnerable, Black Legion’s lowsec division, under Predator Elite, agreed to act as bait for Snuffed Out to drop their supercapital fleet on the attacking forces. However, Black Legion moved and dropped their own supercapitals, in Siseide, first ending Snuff’s chances of catching the attackers’ fleets unaware.

Frustrated at the ruined trap, Snuffed Out opted to destroy Black Legion’s supercapitals instead, with their comparatively larger supercapital fleet. Snuff destroyed six titans, a super, and twelve force auxiliaries, of Black Legion’s. The attacking forces then proceeded to destroy the fortizar, totaling nearly 580 billion ISK in losses for the defending side.


That’s the news in New Eden. Thanks for reading.