A few days ago, on September 30th around 02:00, a dramatic supercapital battle – although perhaps slaughter would be a more accurate term – took place in the lowsec system of Siseide (Heimatar), involving Black Legion and Snuffed Out as the main protagonists.

Black Legion’s lowsec group headed by Predator Elite had dropped a Fortizar in Siseide to draw out a fight with local pirate groups Siege Green and Shadow Cartel, who had made a habit of dropping capitals on BL.

The initial battle plan, drawn up by Predator Elite coordinating with Snuffed Out FC, Tau AD, was to use the anchoring citadel to bait Shadow Cartel and Siege Green to use their capital force to kill the Fortizar before it would become operational. Snuffed Out had agreed to pre-stage key assets and have their supercapital fleet ready to join the fighting on Black Legion’s side once the enemy had committed to the battle – and if everything went according to this plan, the Siege Green and Shadow Cartel capitals would not stand a chance. However, things turned out different.

Hy Wanto Destroyer, leader and head FC for Snuffed Out, walks us through the moments leading up to the fight:

“Before we talk this through, there is one piece of pertinent information I want to add to the record: I think Salivan Harddin is gay. Good, now that we put that straight, this is how it went down.

Tau AD was our FC for this. So we get ready as agreed, with our supercapital fleet on standby. Then as the timer came closer, we notice that Elo (Knight, of Black Legion) forms supers of his own – which was not part of the plan at all. We don’t hear from Pred until the timer comes out, but by that time Elo has already moved supers in a very obvious way.

Then when the timer does come out, Black Legion drops its supers almost instantly – which deters our enemies from dropping capitals, of course.”

Hy Wanto’s account, backed up by the battle report, shows that Siege Green, Shoot First, Sev3rance and some other entities showed up with approximately 70 Apocalypse Navy Issue battleships. Black Legion responded by dropping their supercapitals, and Snuffed Out did throw some carriers into the fray to take out some of the battleships. However, the chances of Snuffed Out getting a big (super)capital brawl out of this timer, as promised by Black Legion, however, were now zero.

Disappointment in Snuffed Out ranks over the failed trap was so intense that things took an unexpected turn, explains Hy Wanto Destroyer:

“So it was between 2 AM and 5 AM for most of our pilots, as we are an EU-RUS alliance mainly, and this was basically the second time Black Legion cucked us as bait – Elo did it once before when we worked together on something else – so me and Tau were pretty tempted…

We asked our dudes on comms ‘Who want to frag BL?’ and surprise, they all x up! We ask ‘Does anyone not want to do this?’ and no one says anything.

So I say to Errestrian, Siege Green/Shoot First FC, ‘Hey do you want to kill their supers,’ and he goes ‘Yeah sure’… So I tell him to warp in on top of their supers and drop a couple of faxes.”

As hoped by Snuffed Out, when the local pirate groups warped on top of the Black Legion Nyx-class supercapitals and brought in their own force auxiliary support, Black Legion was tempted into untethering their Titans. After waiting until most of the Titans untethered, Tau AD made the call for Snuffed Out to jump into the fray and to try and tackle as many supercapital ships as possible. This was, of course, made more difficult by Black Legion’s trademark Muninn fleet that was still on the grid.

“We focused on tackling the titans first, because the Muninns were trying to force HIC points off, and the Nyx’s were ECM bursting. Then we dropped our load and fragged them.”  

Snuffed Out dropped an overwhelming force of around 30 titans, a supercarrier, and 40 dreadnoughts, so the tackled Black Legion titans didn’t stand a chance. Once the titans deployed, Snuffed Out also destroyed a Nyx, 12 force auxiliaries, and the Fortizar that had been at the root of the night’s events, bringing the total losses for Black Legion to almost 580 billion ISK.

The dramatic betrayal of Black Legion by their temporary allies Snuffed Out has, according to some sources, left deep scars: long-time FC Predator Elite is said to have rage-quit from EVE entirely. Elo Knight did not respond to our requests for comments.