On Thursday 20th September UTC, the Federation Uprising launched a full-out assault on Salt Farmers’ alliance sovereignty in the Pure Blind constellation of S4GH-I, which had long remained untouched during the area-wide conflict. Salt Farmers remain a neutral alliance, independent from coalition warfare, even though they had for a long time maintained a non-invasion pact with the Imperium coalition. Their primary base is in Lowsec, while they use their Nullsec space as an extra source of income.

FEDUP reinforced every iHub in the S4GH-I constellation in EUTZ, followed by all structures during USTZ the following day. There was resistance from Salt Farmers as well as the Guillotine Syndicate alliance – who agreed with Salt Farmers to rat in their nullsec space. The defenders were not, however, able to stop hostile FEDUP forces from achieving their objectives, even at the cost of many entosis ships.

On Saturday the 22nd,  a series of crucial skirmishes took place. FEDUP called a max form CTA at 1500. Every reinforced iHub came out on this day during EUTZ, the same period, as well as several structure armor timers. FEDUP formed two 40-man Jackdaw and Cormorant fleets. Salt Farmers responded with a 20-man Arty Claw fleet, and Northern Coalition attended in support with a 15-man Cerberus/Scimitar fleet.

The Salt Farmers Claw fleet was able to dispatch some hostile entosis ships before the FEDUP Jackdaw fleets were able to respond, though these were only minor setbacks on the FEDUP side, with reships quickly taking place. At one point, FEDUP joined their two Jackdaw fleets into one, and dealt a blow to the Northern Coalition Cerberus fleet, forcing them out of the area. FEDUP secured two iHubs during this time.

At 1730, the armor timer for the Salt Farmer’s Fortizar in D2-HOS came out. FEDUP formed an 80-man Ferox/Osprey fleet and were assisted by Violente Fortuna in a 10-man Cerberus/Scimitar fleet, and The Initiative in a 15-man Muninn fleet. When the Fortizar reached roughly one-third armor, Salt Farmers and Guillotine Syndicate arrived in a 50-man Gila/Basilisk/Scimitar fleet. The Initiative engaged the Gila fleet on the RQH-MY gate in D2-HOS, and FEDUP warped their Ferox fleet down to assist, while Violente Fortuna kept the timer paused on the Fortizar.

The Basilisks proved to be very tanky, but once FEDUP switched to the Scimitars and Gilas, they were able to kill 2-3 Gilas/Scimis for every Ferox lost. Salt Farmers eventually cynoed in a Ninazu, but even under Ninazu reps, the Gila fleet continued to take heavy losses. Eventually, most of the Gila fleet was destroyed, and the FEDUP Ferox fleet warped back to the Fortizar to finish off the armor while the Init Muninn fleet cleaned up the field.

A full BR for the fight is here. After this fight, FEDUP reshipped back to Jackdaws/Cormorants and took down the rest of the iHubs. FEDUP successfully destroyed all seven iHubs, replaced six iHubs of the destroyed. Salt Farmers put down one iHub during the Fortizar timer.

FEDUP leadership announced on Sunday 23rd in EUTZ that Salt Farmers had surrendered, and were in the process of transferring structures as well as taking down their TCUs. FEDUP will buy many of Salt Farmer’s structures from them and will allow them two weeks to evacuate their assets, during which time they, as well as Guillotine Syndicate, will be set blue. FEDUP will use this new space for themselves in the long-term and have stated that this eviction was a FEDUP-only objective and that this is something they decided to do on their own. FEDUP will continue to retain their sovereignty in Cloud Ring in addition to the newly conquered space.

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When asked to comment on the campaign, Silver Suspiria, Federation Uprising Alliance Executive Officer, had this to say:

“I have a lot of respect for Salt Farmers as a group, we have had a long standing rivalry with Holy Cookie from back in the day in FW. Their pocket represented a worthy challenge and a contest with them was a good move forward for our group.”

Salt Farmers’ leadership was unavailable for comment.


Featured image credit: Razorien