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NER News at 7 o’clock. This is MrAktilos. Good evening.

  • NCdot and B0T reset Pandemic Horde
  • Pandemic Horde puts pressure on Dead Coalition
  • The Initiative loses multiple supercaps to Shoot First/Siege Green & Friends
  • October Patch successfully deployed

NCdot & B0T Reset Pandemic Horde

On the morning of October the 10th, Pandemic Horde members were informed that they are being reset by NCdot and were encouraged to remove their assets from NCdot citadels as they would be losing docking access to them.

Gobbins, the leader of PH sent this ping to his members:

The reset between NCdot and PH seems to be friendly, giving all PH members time to remove their assets from all NCdot Citadels until the 28th. Vince Draken’s comment on the reset can be found here.

Pandemic Horde and Black Legion attack Dead Coalition in Branch and Deklein

After the unfriendly reset between Pandemic Horde and Dead Coalition, PH has engaged in several fights with DeadCo in the latter’s space. They appear to be supported by members of Black Legion.

Multiple fights have already occurred, with either one or both sides deploying supercapitals and titans assets.

Notable fights include the battle in and around AH-B84 on the 5th October in which 2 Nyx supercarriers from Darkness and Solyaris Chtonium were destroyed by PH and allied forces.

A large battle occured in X3-PBC on the 8th in which multiple Rorquals from DeadCo were tackled. DeadCo responded by dropping a Titan/SC wing on the tackled Rorquals to remove the attacking forces. During this fight one of the defenders Hels was destroyed by the attackers along with several Rorquals. DeadCo managed to save two of the tackled Rorquals from the attacking forces while destroying the dreadnoughts deployed by BL.

The Initiative loses multiple supercaps to Shoot First/Siege Green and Friends

A battle between the Initiative and Shoot First/Siege Green & friends took place in D-B7YK, Syndicate on the 10th October.

The Initiative attempted to reinforce a low power Azbel belonging to Shoot First. The Initiative began the fight in Ishtars, then both sides escalated to capitals. An AAR from the defender’s perspective can be found here.

The battle resulted in the loss of 3 Titans, 1 Vendetta and 1 Revenant by the Initiative and the loss of nearly all dreads for the defending forces of Siege Green & friends.

The final toll stands at 540B lost by the Initiative vs 150B lost by Siege Green & friends.

Announcements from CCP :

The October Patch has been successfully deployed on the 9th of October 2018.

Notable changes include:

  • Removing nullification from all Combat Interceptors (Claw, Crusader, Raptor, Taranis)
  • Changing the ECM Mechanics from completely blinding a target to “taunting” it, meaning the target can lock the ECM Ship or Drone
  • Modifying HICs to remove the “Lurch” HIC, meaning HICS fitted with 500mn MWDs allowing them to reach high speeds with high agility, will not be possible anymore
  • A new module to allow wormhole pilots to roll holes reliably has been introduced known as the Zero-Point Mass Entangler
  • Titans no longer cause AOE splash damage when destroyed
  • Titans will not be allowed to tether or dock within 5 minutes of firing their doomsday
  • The Damavik has lost a lowslot and gained a midslot

For now, that’s how it is in New Eden. Good night.

Featured image credit: Adan Dimaloun