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  • TEST anchor Keepstar & faction Fortizar in Perimeter
  • Multiple wardecs issued between rival factions
  • Pandemic Horde allied Fortizars reinforced in Perimeter


On Sunday 14th at approx 19.20 UTC TEST anchored a Keepstar in Perimeter, the Forge. This system – and the associated trade structures located there – has until recently been dominated by Pandemic Horde and allies. The Keepstar will enter final anchor timer at approx 20.32 UTC on Monday 15th.

The structure was anchored via what appears to be an alt corp, Moose Militia, which is not part of TEST alliance currently and until the structure was deployed, had no pending wardecs to obstruct the anchoring process. TEST alliance have publicly claimed the structure as their own, and named it ‘Tranquility Trading Tower’. Since the Keepstar was deployed, the corp appears to be in the process of receiving multiple wardecs. As no major groups opted to issue a dec in the time window between anchoring, it appears likely this structure will successfully anchor – making it the first operational highsec Keepstar.

Fraternity are understood to have issued TEST with upto three Keepstars as part of the recent ceasefire settlement, and this structure was reported to NER as potentially one of those. A further report indicated that Matterall of Talking in Stations may have sold the recently unanchored Aunenen Keepstar to TEST. Either report may be false – or both true – given that TEST may have acquired Keepstars from Fraternity but opted not to deploy those in highsec. The ability to drop a Keepstar in highsec may hinge upon already having it in range to deploy safely, indicating that the Aunenen Keepstar would likely have been geographically easier to place.*

TEST have also anchored a ‘Draccous’ Fortizar in Perimeter within 3000km range of the Keepstar. This is a faction structure which would originally have been an Amarr outpost in nullsec before the changeover. The Fortizar final anchoring timer is at around 13.21 UTC on the 15th. Both structures are on grid with a reinforced Pandemic Horde Fortizar which will come out of reinforce at around 20.38 UTC on the 15th.**

* Shout in comments here if you have corrections (and apologies for not poking people for a statement on this, ran out of time)

** If any times are off here, please let me know and will amend


On October 13th, TEST alliance issued wardecs against multiple groups known to be northern aligned with highsec assets such as trade hubs clustered around the Jita system. IChooseYou are known for their Perimeter assets, and Mogul have a strong presence in New Caldari. As nullsec alliances do not typically issue wardecs unless attacking highsec assets, the focus on highsec trading hubs currently controlled by PH appeared to be the target.

The wardecced parties include:

Following this, and comments indicating that TEST would be focusing on the Perimeter structures operating under the Pandemic Horde umbrella, the corp which holds the ICY structures in the area dropped alliance. This invalidates some of the wardecs issued against the corp but given the size of the groups involved TEST may be able to destroy the ICY Perimeter Fortizars without support from other groups. ICY also have contracts with highsec mercs, such as PIRAT & allies, for defense. PIRAT have wardecced multiple parties in the interim.

Other wardecs include:

  • The Imperium (using GSF here, but it’s GSF/TNT/The Bastion) – > Pandemic Horde, Black Legion, ICY Holdings
  • Black Legion -> TEST, Goonswarm Fed, The Bastion, TNT, Moose Militia
  • Darkness -> Pandemic Horde
  • Pandemic Legion -> TEST
  • Pandemic Horde currently have multiple active and pending wardecs – by far more than any other group of note
  • NCDot have no active or pending wardecs other than the one issued by PIRAT


As previously reported, IChooseYou have been operating for some time in Perimeter and surrounding systems under protection from Pandemic Horde and contracted mercenary alliances.

On the 13th the holding alliance, IChooseYou Holdings, was wardecced by TEST and Imperium alliances. The ICY Tradors’r’us [TRU-J] corp dropped alliance whilst retaining control of the Perimeter structures. The only alliance who wardecced the corp was TEST. Following multiple TEST ops on the 14th the following structures are in reinforce:

  • Main Perimeter trading hub – IChooseYou Trade Hub – timer 19.00 UTC 15th October
  • Sotiyo – timer 19.17 UTC 15th October
  • Tatara – timer 21.15 UTC 15th October*

There are multiple ICY structures in Perimeter currently in low power. There are also 2 Pandemic Horde-owned fortizars in system which are not currently reinforced – although it is understood these were reinforced and are likely to be again.

Mogul Financial operate out of multiple structures, primarily clustered around New Caldari, but with outposts in various systems.

Finally, there are two trading fortizars outside of the Perimeter sphere which can also be utilised for ‘offshoring’ market orders. The Otitoh structure is owned by Trade Guru 2 Corporation, and has been under a wardec from PH since the 25th September, but remains in operation. The Mahtista system also has a trading hub, owned by the corp Trading Structure, which at the point of writing has no active wardecs.

*If there are more unnoted, please shout and we will amend this article. Also get in touch with any inaccuracies throughout – these will be updated.


Following the recent announcement of a ceasefire between the Imperium and the Northern bloc, brokered by Goonswarm and GotG/NCdot, tensions have soured between some Northern factions. Even before the ceasefire, leaks indicated a souring of relations between GotG and Circle-of-Two. The latter opted to evacuate the Fade/Pure Blind region and relocate to B0T-held Malpais. Subsequent leaks and statements indicated that C02 had been invited by Fafer, who had been running B0T, against the wishes of NCdot leadership. Fafer resigned, and C02 relocated to Pandemic Horde-held space in the Kalevala Expanse.

Pandemic Horde leader Gobbins issued an ‘unfriendly’ reset against GotG, and was subsequently reset by NCdot. PH are understood to have deployed to Venal with Black Legion to harass GotG, while C02 remain in rebuild & repair mode in the north-east. NCdot are also understood to have reset Black Legion, although it is unclear how ‘unfriendly’ the NCdot resets are, as outside of wartime they maintain NIPs with northern allies without blue standings – and in this instance allowed a window to evac assets.


That’s the news in New Eden. Thanks for reading.