Report – TEST Anchors First High-Sec Keepstar

Produced & Edited by Arabella Meyer
Footage by Gentle Towel
Narrated by Chiimera
Script by Adan Dimaloun & Marsha Mallow


On Sunday 14th TEST anchored a Keepstar in Perimeter, The Forge. This system – and the associated trade structures located there – has until recently been dominated by Pandemic Horde and allies. The Keepstar will enter final anchor timer at approximately 20:32 EVE time on Monday 15th.

The structure was anchored via what appears to be an alt corp, Moose Militia, which is not part of TEST alliance currently and until the structure was deployed, had no pending wardecs to obstruct the anchoring process. TEST alliance have publicly claimed the structure as their own, and named it ‘Tranquility Trading Tower’. Since the Keepstar was deployed, the corp appears to be in the process of receiving multiple wardecs. As no major groups opted to issue a dec in the time window between anchoring, it appears likely this structure will successfully anchor – making it the first operational highsec Keepstar.

TEST has also anchored a ‘Draccous’ Fortizar in Perimeter within 3000km range of the Keepstar. The Fortizar final anchoring timer is at around 13.21 EVE Time on the 15th. Both structures are on grid with a reinforced Pandemic Horde Fortizar which will come out of reinforce at around 20.38 EVE Time on the 15th.