The Headlines on the 23rd of October

It’s 7 o’clock in New Eden, and this is Scius Falkenhaupt, Theodred Alabel, and Curt Adrano for the NER team with a special edition of the 1900 report. Over the weekend we had EVE Vegas with some news and announcements that we want to cover:

  • The official announcement of Upwell navigational structures
  • New Jump Gate technologies spur controversy
  • Changes to war declarations coming
  • Abyssal deadspace opens up new possibilities
  • Further Triglavian ships discovered
  • New upgrades to the interface (Agency and activity tracker)
  • New proposals for change in FAXes and ECM
  • Additional News (Other games, Technical Updates, Chinese Server, balance changes)

Official Announcement of Upwell Navigational Structures

One of the central announcements of EVE Vegas was the formal introduction of a new set of Upwell navigational structures. With their functionality, they will bring the new structure system (nearly) on par with the old Player-owned Starbases (POS). The three structures are in the new Fast Logistical Expansion (FLEX) class. These are faster to deploy (minutes or hours) and vulnerable throughout the deployment. They can be deployed within weapons range of another Upwell-structure. The structure can be boarded like a ship and fuel can be added through cargo deposit. They also come pre-fitted with a permanent service module where the onlining/offlining of the module will activate or deactivate their respective functionality. They require the corresponding I-Hub Upgrade within the system and are sov-null only.

They have only a reinforcement hour (instead of a day and an hour). You can attack the armor directly after breaking the shield. Breaking the armor sends the structure into reinforcement, at which point the structure will not provide its function. The reinforcement timer lasts 1 to 23 hours and ends on the reinforcement hour set by the defender. If the structure is in low-power mode, it can be killed in one cycle.

Namely, we have-

The Pharolux Cyno Beacon:

The Tenebrex Cyno Jammer:

As well as the Ansiblex Jump Gate, which we will discuss under the following headline.

New Jump Gate Technologies Spur Controversy

The most controversial announcement coming out of the weekend was the new mechanics regarding the new Jump Gates. These are made to replace the functionality of the Jump Bridges under the POS system, but there are some differences in functionality beyond the ones that are inherent to all Upwell structures.

The immediate discussions on different platforms like the official forums as well as Reddit were mostly focused around the announcement that the new Jump gates wouldn’t accumulate Jump Fatigue and would allow all ship sizes. This sparked concern about the potential power projection of larger null empires and more generally the ease of fleet movement through New Eden.

Changes to War Declarations Coming

Another big announcement from EVE Vegas were the changes to the policy regarding war declarations. This was a topic that was seen as a problem for multiple years and discussed at length in the minutes of the last CSM summit, which was covered by Eve blogger Wilhelm Arcturus.

Despite that, it was somewhat surprising to see concrete action in this short time frame after the situation wasn’t changed for a relatively long while. As per the presentation by CCP, this was encouraged by new data showing a significant imbalance between the attackers and defenders in declared wars as well as lasting negative effects on player retention. The solution was split into a temporary stopgap to be deployed in the short term as well as the promise of a more comprehensive overhaul of war declarations in 2019.

For now, the interim solution will be that war declarations can only be made against corporations that own a deployed structure (Upwell Structure, POCO, maybe POS). This is meant to protect especially those corporations that are new to New Eden and perhaps not able to adequately defend or otherwise react to a war declaration. Additionally, CCP announced that there would likely be a change in the way structures are transferred between corporations to make it impossible to just gift a structure to a corporation you want to declare war on.

Abyssal Deadspace Opens Up New Possibilities

The next big focus of EVE Vegas was the abyssal deadspace,  introduced in the summer of this year. At the moment, the feature only allows runs with a single, cruiser-class ship and is a fight against the different factions that own the abyssal deadspace. This will change shortly with some additional possibilities that will allow the interaction with other capsuleers inside the abyssal pockets.

The first of this new modes is the ability to take on the abyssal deadspace as a team of three frigate-class vessels. This is intended to lower the barrier of entry and make it a more cooperative experience. To enter this mode, use three abyssal filaments, and the ships will need to be in the same fleet. The loot from the abyssal deadspace will be tripled, too. All types and tiers of pockets will be available for this new mode.

The other new option is made to allow for confrontation within the abyssal space. Within the sites, there will occasionally be a Triglavian gate to a special cache. After the first player enters this special pocket a timer will start for the cache to unlock, but the pocket will be linked to multiple traces, and other players may enter and contest the cache. An exit gate will only spawn once the cache is opened. For the moment, these pockets will only be accessible with a single cruiser.

Additionally, there will be a new way to get more loot from the abyssal deadspace. These are called the Triglavian Drilling Platforms, and will be scattered around the geographical features of abyssal pockets. Capsuleers will have to decide if they can afford the time to destroy them for additional loot.

Part of the new loot tables will be new variants of mutaplasmids:

Further Triglavian Ships Discovered

With the new possibilities of the abyssal deadspace, there are also additional blueprints for Triglavian ships to be found. One of the four ships is also intended to be a Tech-2 Logi Variant of a “basic” Triglavian model. The ships shown are:

The Kikimora: A Destroyer class vessel which specializes in agility and high range combat, comparable to a cormorant/talwar utilizing speed and range to inflict damage on enemies.

The Drekavac, a Battle-Cruiser with the ability to fit command bursts and some tanking abilities. It is intended to be flexible as a link-ship or a brawler.

Lastly, there are the Logistics ships, which didn’t have any numbers shown. They are intended to use remote repair modules but give them a “ramp-up” effect when they stay on the same target for a longer time. These are the Rodiva, and it’s Tech-2-variant the Zarmazd.

New Upgrades to the Interface (Agency and Activity Tracker)

CCP introduced a new iteration of their agency and activity tracker. The agency is meant to become a one-stop shop for capsuleers. One of the highlights was CCP also trying to break down barriers between groups, allowing for capsuleers to join public fleets right off the Agencies interactive menu.

The new activity tracker was also shown off. This activity tracker you guessed it, tracks everything you do in EVE Online. Its purpose is to show you things you have done and how you can progress further into particular lines of activity. As one CCP staffer said, “I am quite scared over how fast it will be for someone to get everything to lvl5 across all the categories”. The more subtle thing about the activity tracker that people may not know is that is using a different form of code than the original core of the game. This also opens CCP to a whole host of new data that it did not have before, which means it can learn more faster and more directly than ever before. As a result, they can potentially improve EVE at a faster pace than in previous years

New Proposals for Change in FAXes and ECM

Another announcement is the further iterations on balance with a buff to the recently changed ECM and another proposal for changes in the power of FAXes after the first balance proposal in the summer was deemed unsuitable based on community feedback.

Additional News (Other games, Technical Updates, Chinese Server, Balance Changes)

At EVE Vegas we saw a whole host of things not directly related to the PC game. Namely, attendees saw a glimpse of alpha gameplay of new FPS game ‘Project Nova’ from CCP. Everyone that attended will be able to test the game in closed alpha in a couple of weeks, with opportunities for the larger community to get involved at a later date. In the alpha, players were placed on top of a Minmatar Maelstrom ship (#rustorbust?), had to play the equivalent of a game of domination against the NPC Sansha Nation. Players had to reach 1000 points and then successfully extract from the ship to have victory. From my personal experience playing ‘Project Nova’ multiple times over the weekend, I felt the graphics were nice, and that for a starting point for CCP Games it was solid. It will be interesting to see how this game develops in future stages.

CCP also spent a decent amount of time talking about the Chinese server, they partnered with NetEase, to bring the Chinese server back online. Their goal was with this newly formed partnership to try and keep the two servers no more than one expansion apart. This is part of their mission to try and keep synergy between the two player bases and servers. They also announced that while there will be some skins that are exclusive between TQ and Singularity, they would bring some of the skins over to both servers so that players can get those skins from the store.

We also finally got a timetable on the release of the new 64-bit client, tabled for release on 2019.

This is how it is in New Eden tonight. Goodbye and fly safe.

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