This past weekend was an eventful one for Lowsec in the Placid region. Two battles took place during this time, one in Northern Placid, and one in Southern Placid. The first battle took place in Mantenault, the result of Guillotine Syndicate [GS] attacking a Federation Uprising [FEDUP] staging Astrahus, and FEDUP responding. The second battle took place in Barleguet, a follow-up of Snuffed Out’s [BBC] shield reinforcement of Iron Armada’s staging Fortizar, and pitted Iron Armada and Federation Uprising against Snuffed Out and FEDUP’s former allies, Pen Is Out [WANGS].


A Federation Uprising scout spotted a Guillotine Syndicate Bhaalgorn/Leshak fleet in Alamel, one jump from Mantenault, on Sunday 11th at around 20.00 UTC. FEDUP knew this couldn’t be a roaming fleet, so they had the fleet followed into Mantenault. FEDUP had a roaming fleet forming at the same time, which they escalated to a Rage Ping, forming Ishtars/Guardians with cap support.

Spectre Fleet was passing through the area in a sizeable ewar frigate/command destroyer fleet. They went to the RQH-MY gate in Mantenault, which the Astrahus was overlooking. This was enough to convince the Guillotine Syndicate battleship fleet to warp to their own Raitaru, 2500km from the Astrahus. This bought FEDUP about 8 extra minutes to keep forming. At the same time, Spectre Fleet made a temporary pact with FEDUP to help each other and kill the attacking force.

The fight started off with FEDUP initiating, warping Ishtars/Guardians into proximity of the Guillotine Syndicate fleet, where they killed a couple Bhaalgorns. A GS Damnation lit a cyno, allowing an Apostle, Moros, and Thanatos to come through. FEDUP scrambled for a cyno of their own, however the number of subcaps they had was enough to force the GS subcap fleet to warp off, followed by the Thanatos and Moros. The Apostle was caught still in Triage and held down while the Damnation still had its cyno up. The Federation Uprising fleet decided to have a lone Astero keep the Apostle pointed, while the rest of their fleet warped to the Guillotine Syndicate Raitaru, hoping to catch aggressed capitals. The Moros successfully tethered, however the Thanatos was caught. A second Apostle jumped through the Damnations still ongoing cyno and warped to the Raitaru, in a vain attempt to save the Thanatos.

A FEDUP cyno went up on the GS Raitaru and several dreads, a FAX and a carrier came through. The Apostle and Thanatos were swiftly dispatched. The FEDUP fleet then warped back to the Astrahus, with the Ishtars deploying sentries so as to avoid the smartbombs of the Apostle. The Apostle was active tanked, and was able to hold against the subcap fleet, however when the caps on the GS Raitaru came out of siege and warped down it succumbed to the raw DPS on field. As FEDUP extracted, Snuffed Out came into the system and managed to kill two of their caps which were not able to tether or jump out quick enough, resulting in the majority of FEDUP’s losses in the affair.

The Astrahus successfully completed it’s repair cycle and Federation Uprising left the field with 4.73 bil lost while Guillotine Syndicate lost 8.7 bil. The full BR can be found here:


A day earlier, Snuffed Out reinforced Iron Armada’s staging Fortizar in Barlequet into armor. Federation Uprising came to their ally’s aid and showed in force in Ishtars/Guardians while Iron Armada formed Cruise Missile Ravens. Pen Is Out and Snuffed Out made a showing in Beam Legions and Guardians.

WANGS/BBC landed behind the Fortizar at range, beginning their assault on the structure and pausing the timer. FEDUP initiated the fight, sending drones in from long range, killing a couple Legions in the process while also trading Ishtars and Vexor Navy Issues. WANG/BBC were forced to put a Lif on field, which was immediately primaried by the Ravens and Fortizar. At one point the Legion fleet was forced to warp off, leaving their Lif on field. They attempted to save the Lif, warping back to it, to no avail, and lost more ships in the process, and were forced to warp off for good, abandoning their Lif to die to the combined firepower of the Ishtars, Ravens, and Fortizar.

The Fortizar was successfully defended, with FLEEP/FEDUP losing 2.11 bil over the course of the fight, and WANGS/BBC losing 8.52 bil. The full BR can be found here:

Featured image credit: Razorien