NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Marsha Mallow. Good evening.

  • EVE Onslaught deployed, Tuesday 13th
  • BDCI rejoins Pandemic Legion, Wednesday 14th
  • NCdot deploy to Vale, Wednesday 14th
  • September and October Monthly Economic Report released, Thursday 15th


On Tuesday 13th CCP deployed the Onslaught winter expansion. Onslaught includes:

  • Three new Upwell structures:
    • Ansiblex jump gate
    • Pharolux cynosural beacon
    • Tenebrex cynosural jammer
  • Two new Triglavian ships:
    • Kikimora destroyer
    • Drekavac battlecruiser
  • Co-operative Abyssal encounters
  • Abyssal PVP encounters
  • Mutaplasmids to create new Abyssal modules:
    • Magnetic Field Stabilizers
    • Gyrostabilizers
    • Heat Sinks
    • Ballistic Control Systems
    • Entropic Radiation Sinks
  • Activity tracker
  • Updated stargate visuals
  • Force Auxiliary balance pass
  • ECM balance pass
  • Global search
  • Compact Planetary Interaction overview
  • Low power structure adjustments

Onslaught Feature Tour:

Following the release of this expansion, player alliances have issued announcements to their members that blue-on-blue combat will be allowed within the new abyssal PVP encounters. The mechanics of these sites  – ‘two may enter, but only one can leave’ – are crafted to force such encounters. However, as recent reports indicate that players may not be able to see blues on their overview, a dedicated Abyssal overview including corpmates and other friendly players is advisable.


Body Count Inc, one of the core corps of Mercenary Coalition led by alliance leader Seleene, left the alliance on Wednesday 14th following an announcement that the alliance would be disbanding.

BDCI have returned to Pandemic Legion, as did Black Omega Security – another MC corporation – earlier in the month. This announcement comes in the wake of a period of activity decline in MC, as well as the consolidation of a number of corps and alliances across New Eden. The Pandemic Legion alliance leader, Hedliner, announced a new direction for the alliance early this month and a winter deployment for the group may be imminent.


Northern Coalition deployed to a new staging area in H-5GUI, Vale of the Silent, on Wednesday 14th. No public announcement has been issued stating the goals of this move or indicating a campaign, and as this is reported to be a shield-only super fleet deployment, is unlikely to represent the full forces of the group. Sources indicate this is a deployment to more easily protect NCdot assets in the area which have recently been subject to harassment by hostile groups. Upon arriving in the area on the 14th, Snuffed Out destroyed an NCdot Ragnarok participating in the move op.


On Thursday 15th CCP released the Monthly Economic Report for September and October following a delay which was attributed to being busy during Eve Vegas and preparing for the Onslaught expansion. Feedback to the reports has highlighted a couple of errors such as the omission of Fade and Cache, and duplication of earlier monthly charts.


Double Training Weekend: 16 – 19 November 2018

Train skills twice as fast

Log in every day of this weekend and you can enjoy double skill training! Claim an extra 25,000 Skill Points twice as an Alpha and 50,000 Skill Points twice as an Omega that you can allocate freely to train skills in your queue faster. You can claim your Skill Points up until 11:00 UTC on Monday 19 November. Your two Skill Point rewards can be redeemed at the character select screen when you log in, or from the Neocom menu in game.

To access this feature, open up the login-screen and claim the available skillpoint rewards (25k SP for Alpha accounts, and 2x 25k for Omega):

These rewards can be collected twice over the event and will be available until the 19th.


Eve_NT London is on Saturday 17th at Goodman’s Field Wetherspoons, Tower Hamlets, London. This is the longest running Eve player event, and a number of CCP devs/CSM members have signed up to attend.

That’s the news in New Eden. Thanks for reading.

If there are inaccuracies in any of the above, please let us know so that they can be fixed.

Featured image credit: Adan Dimaloun