The Discourse – Triglavian Information Warfare Strike Opens New Opportunities

The Discourse is syndicated by New Eden Report.

Triglavian Collective unleashes a worm which takes GalNet by surprise and opens up new possibilities for filament usage. First explorers already boast the new battlecruiser and destroyer, but what this whole incident tells us about the Triglavian culture?


  • Hosts: Elinari Rhodan, Cyrillian Voth
  • ARC Logo: Noene Drops
  • Title Animation: Corrin Mor
  • Animation: Jaret Victorian
  • Sound Editing: Cyrillian Voth
  • Camerawork: Jaret Victorian, Nomistrav
  • Script: Makoto Priano, Cyrillian Voth, Elinari Rhodan
  • Guest VA: Loai
  • Guest Actors: Annisir Kaugan, darkezero, General Stargazer, Lert k’Eilirten
  • Eve Online: CCP Games