NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Hugh Caswakk. Good evening.

Pandemic Horde has retreated from their campaign in Branch, refocusing their efforts against Legacy and Imperium aggression in Geminate.

Snuffed Out suffered a sharp defeat in Pure Blind at the hands of a range of local forces.

The Caldari Militia is under heavy assault in their last systems – it appears likely that they will be forced from the warzone entirely in the coming days.


On Tuesday, Pandemic Horde announced an end of combat operations in Branch. Gobbins, Horde’s leader, cited the pressure put on Geminate by the Imperium and Legacy as a core reason for the withdrawal. Moreover, DeadCo (who own Branch) have put up effective resistance backed by substantial Imperium military support. Therefore, in the face of threats at home and deadlock abroad, Horde made the decision to pull back. Moreover, they re-blued NCdot to facilitate a more cohesive defence. You can read Gobbins’ full announcement here.

This return to the homeland was not a quiet one. Joint northern operations began at once against the Imperium and Legacy attackers. In the early hours of this morning, this came to a head in BWF-ZZ.

The Legacy staging fortizar in nearby Oijanen had been reinforced into armour, with its vulnerability beginning late on Wednesday night. Legacy formed Megathron battleships and carriers, with the Imperium contributing Ishtars and Jackdaws. Pandemic Horde formed Tempest battleships and carriers, with Nightmare support from NCdot. The stage was set for a significant clash.

It is understood that the combined PanFam (Horde/NCdot) fleet jumped into Oijanen but made no move against the Legacy fortizar. The structure repaired – as that happened, the Legacy fleet began attacking a Horde fortizar in system; presumably as a way to pass the time.

After the structure had repaired, the PanFam force attempted to extract via the BWF-ZZ gate. However, Imperium and Legacy fleets caught them in BWF. The action initially went PanFam’s way, with fighters from Horde carriers playing a key role. However, Legacy brought their own carriers in and achieved fighter superiority. From there, the fight went pear-shaped for PanFam.

The toll stands at 13.48bn ISK lost by the Imperium and Legacy vs 55.36bn ISK lost by PanFam.


On Sunday evening, Snuffed Out took substantial losses in a one-sided clash with a disparate coalition in D2-HOS. The main participants against Snuffed Out were the Gallente Militia, Pandemic Legion and Black Legion. Support was provided by a number of smaller alliances such as Iron Armada and Free Range Chikuns.

It is understood that Snuffed anchored three astrahauses in Gallente Militia space. This battle was fought as they were coming out of anchoring. It was important for Gallente Militia to destroy the structures to prevent Snuffed gaining a foothold in their space. They therefore mustered their allies and went into action, fielding 410 ships.

Snuff brought only 110 ships but counted on piloting skill and a 23-strong flotilla of dreadnoughts with FAX support to win the day. Given the forces facing them only had 9 dreadnoughts without FAXes on the field, this was not an implausible bet. However, despite their apparent capital superiority, Snuffed subcapital numbers took their toll, forcing them from the field.

The toll stands at 79.77bn ISK lost by Snuffed Out vs 13.26bn ISK lost by the defending coalition.

Ashterothi, leader of Federation Uprising (lead alliance of the Gallente Militia) said in an internal announcement that the action had proven Federation Uprising as a force “not to be dismissed,” but warned that the war will continue. You can read his announcement in full here.


It has not been a very good year for the Caldari Militia. Two key alliances, Templis CALSF and The Bloc, exited the coalition after a series of defeats from the larger and wealthier Gallente Militia. While the main alliances in GalMil such as Federation Uprising have refocused their efforts, smaller Gallente powers remain on the attack against the Caldari.

The Caldari Militia have now been reduced to a rump holding of 5 systems, which are under attack. The systems of Asakai and Ishomilken are the current focus of Gallente ire, contested to 53 and 59% respectively at the time of writing, with Gallente skirmishers keeping up pressure around the clock. Sources within the Caldari Militia do not indicate credible hope for victory in the conflict.

Without the substantial and protracted intervention of a larger power, it seems that December 2018 may bring an end to Caldari power in the faction warfare zone for the foreseeable future.

For now, that’s how it is in New Eden. Goodnight.