On Sunday 25th between 1830 – 2130 EVE time, a large battle took place in Pure Blind, specifically in the Federation Uprising [FEDUP] owned systems of HPS5-C, D2-HOS, and RQH-MY. The main defenders were the Iron Fwedderation coalition [IFWED] (consisting of Federation Uprising, Iron Armada, and Free Range Chikuns), the Caldari Militia Coalition [CMC] (consisting of Templis CALSF and Heiian Conglomerate). Smaller groups included The Weekend Warriors and TAPAKAH ALLIANCE, who were both working with CMC, and the Gallente Militia alliances of Villore Accords and Magna Digitus. The main aggressors were Snuffed Out and Pen Is Out. Third parties included Black Legion and Pandemic Legion. The objectives of the fight were three Snuffed Out astrahus, one in each of the three systems the fight took place in.

In preparation for the fight, Iron Fwedderation had anchored a large number of mobile bubbles around every single gate in the constellation, with a number concentrated on Mantenault gate in RQH-MY. In addition to this, they also cyno jammed the entire constellation as well, ensuring that Snuffed Out would have to gate into the system, and they could not bypass via titan bridge.

The fight started with IFWED forming a fleet of Jackdaws at approximately 1800, watching over the Mantenault gate in RQH to make sure the bubbles stayed up until the main Snuff force came into system. At around 1830, Snuffed Out was spotted in Mantenault in a large mixed fleet of subcaps and capitals, with 65 Rattlesnakes and 22 Revelations with additional fax and minor carrier support. With this fleet spotted, IFWED took this opportunity to reship, where their plan was unveiled.

Unbeknownst to almost everyone, including most of the leadership of Iron Fwedderation, IFWED built 250 Hurricanes in a single day, which were handed out to members as they reshipped. IFWED’s strategy was a combination of using nullsec bubble mechanics to their advantage as well as cyno jammers., Additonal tactics included using Faction Warfare style attrition warfare; launching hit and run attacks on stragglers, whittling down the opponent’s fleet and delaying them as long as possible from breaching their staging system of D2-HOS.

IFWED rushed as quickly as possible back to RQH-MY, where Snuffed Out found themselves clearing the many bubbles that surrounded them on the Mantenault gate. IFWED Sabres also provided additional harassment when bubbles were destroyed. At 18:56, the 100 strong Hurricane fleet which had no logistics in support, landed near the Rattlesnake fleet on the Mantenault gate, and started a brief skirmish with the hostile fleet. Two Hurricanes were lost in the exchange, before they had to warp off as Pen Is Out decloaked in bombers, which were able to kill several IFWED ewar frigates, though no Hurricanes died to the bombing run.

The Hurricane fleet warped to a planet, where a lone Minokawa landed unsupported and was rapidly dispatched.

At this point, some of the Rattlesnakes had been able to warp to the D2-HOS gate, and IFWED warped in on the slightly separated Rattlesnake fleet, managing to kill a Revelation, 7 Rattlesnakes, 2 Broadswords, and much of the Pen is Out bomber wing while warping to various pings on the field. In the process, IFWED lost 50 Hurricanes of their own, prompting them to travel back to D2-HOS to reship. While this all took place, the Gallente Militia was successfully able to destroy the Astrahus that was anchoring in HPS5-C uncontested at 2012 in a Gila fleet.

It took nearly an hour for Snuffed Out forces to breach into D2-HOS, during which time additional forces made it to the battle, including the Gallente Militia Gila fleet, the WKEND/TAPAH Nightmare fleet and the Caldari Militia Coalition Cerberus fleet, with Black Legion and Pandemic Legion joining the fray with a 55 man Tornado fleet and a 73 man stuka bomber fleet respectively. Fighting was concentrated on the anchoring Snuffed Out Astrahus in D2-HOS.

The Astrahus went down with 17 seconds left to repair, with IFWED sacrificing a portion of their Hurricane fleet to ensure it’s destruction. Following this, the Snuffed Out subcap and capital fleet found itself heavily tackled and surrounded on all sides by defending forces and third parties, and after roughly a half hour of intense fighting the defenders had wiped out the attacking force and cleaned the field. The Pandemic Legion and Black Legion fleets left shortly after as well.

At the end of engagement the butcher’s bill stands at 93 bil ISK lost total. The defending forces lost roughly 11.76 bil ISK, with 5.18 bil of that 76 Hurricanes lost. Attacking forces lost  80.39 bil, with 35.7 bil of that 47 Rattlesnakes lost, and 30.5 bil 5 Revelations and 5 Minokawas lost. Pandemic Legion lost just under 300 mil, and Black Legion left the battle with their entire fleet intact.

The tactical objective was won for the defenders as well, with all three Astrahuses being destroyed. It is speculated that skirmishes between the two major groups involved, Iron Fwedderation and Snuffed Out, will continue, and Snuffed Out have already taken more offensive actions against Iron Fwedderation in Pure Blind while Iron Fwedderation have taken offensive steps against Pen Is Out in Cloud Ring, attacking the close Snuffed Out allies. New Eden Report will continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds.

Featured image credit: Razorien