NER Local News at 7 o’clock. This is Marsha Mallow. Good evening.

  • Spire brawl over Sotiyo armor timer
  • Holy League guerilla war against Triumvirate
  • Massacre in Deklein
  • Circle-of-Two announce they are disbanding


On November 29th at around 1400 fighting erupted between the Scourge versus No Value over a Sotiyo in M-NP50, with fighting in adjacent systems in the Spire. While the structure is ostensibly owned by a renter corp in Brothers of Tangra, sources have informed NER that this is an alt corp for No Value.* No Value defended the structure with a Maelstrom fleet and FAX support, while Scourge fielded Nightmares.

An Imperium fleet arrived in a bomber wing and Snuffed Out in a Loki fleet, apparently supporting No Value. Skill urself were also in attendance in a Loki fleet supporting the Scourge fleet.

A brawl took place over the system cyno jammer, which was destroyed. Scourge then brought in their dreadnoughts to clear off the FAX from grid. Eventually, the Sotiyo was successfully reinforced to a final timer.

At the end of the battle, over 30b isk** in ships had been destroyed.

* This item may have some holes in it, and although we have reached out to try clarify certain aspects, if there are any errors – as always – please let us know and we’ll either make amendments or work them into future reports.


Triumvirate announced a mutual reset with skill urself in early September. Since then, skill urself has engaged in a campaign against Triumvirate in their home regions of Insmother and and Scalding Pass. Shortly after the reset, skill urself was joined by Scourge and Unspoken Alliance in this effort. Additionally, skill urself’s numbers received a significant boost when VOLTA and LUMPY merged into their alliance.

Skill urself are understood to have experienced a significant amount of success against Triumvirate, notably taking the sov of C-J6MT, Tri’s staging system. Tri have mounted numerous attempts to reinforce and retake the sov structures in C-J6MT, but have been unsuccessful thus far. Both sides have apparently been attempting to timezone tank each other with sov structures set to USTZ, but despite both groups having a degree of weakness in this timezone, Tri appear to have been overwhelmed in recent weeks by the continued wave of node events. Despite this, there have been reports of a resurge in activity defending these timers. Tri’s alliance leader, Garst Tyrell, is expected back in game within days and a strong counter-offensive is anticipated. However, during his absence Tri has reportedly been struggling in this conflict, losing systems and corporations such as SASH and MCAEL in recent weeks.*

*Again, this intel comes from sources, and we’re co-writing these articles based upon feedback and comments. If anything here is grossly inaccurate, get in touch.


On Friday 30th at around 0700 a brawl in VPLL-N, Deklein, escalated into a capital slugfest between Guardians of the Galaxy forces and the Initiative, supported by Snuffed Out, Pen is Out and allies.

Reports indicate that the fight began when Init dropped 6 dreads onto GotG Rorquals which initiated panic mode. GotG dropped one Nyx initially in defence which was pushed into 60% armor before GotG further escalated by dropping around 12 supers, 12 fax and other assorted caps. Init and allies then jumped in the bulk of their dread fleet and began clearing FAX and supers, destroying 5 Nyx. The battle concluded after GotG brought in 11 titans to clear the hostile dread fleet.

The final toll stands at 207b lost by GoTG vs 96b lost by Init & Snuffed Out. An AAR from the Init perspective has been released, along with videos from Init and Snuffed Out:


On Sunday 2nd a short Soundcloud was released reporting that Circle-of-Two will be disbanding. GigX and Da Winci confirmed that after several weeks of internal discussion regarding possible options for the group, they have made the decision to close the alliance and corps will be free to move at their own discretion. Previous options discussed had included a plan for 6 corporations to move into other alliance and talks had been held with Pandemic Legion and Pandemic Horde, which did not come to fruition. Other options such as merging into a single corporation had been considered but ultimately rejected.



The upcoming December Release includes two new ship hulls in the Triglavian line, along with new modules. The Rodiva T1 cruiser and the T2 Zarmazd logistics cruiser have been spotted on Sisi. Further Sisi leaks suggest new remote repair model visuals to accompany Triglavian specific modules.


In an email sent to EVE Vegas attendees on Friday 30th, CCP notified capsuleers that they are not going to release the Project Nova invite-only alpha until further notice. This decision was based upon ‘feedback received from multiple sources and after taking all this research and feedback into account, we see that the gameplay experience in its current form does not live up to our original vision and would not achieve our ambitious goals for this project.’

NER first reported on the change of the ownership of the Serenity in EVE to NetEase back in October shortly after EVE Vegas. With the official change in hands underway, NetEase has set forth some interesting new regulations in the closed beta test server. Here are the highlights of some of the major changes:
  1. New regulations to be introduced on player killing. If a player is griefing and/or harassing other players, they will face up to a “permanent isolation” from the game.
  2. New regulation for fraud. Fraud in the game refers to defrauding the player’s virtual items (including but not limited to equipment, in-game currency, etc.) or other properties through means of false promises, concealing facts, deliberate misleading, impersonating officials, intentional confusion for the purpose of illegal possession. The punishments for being guilty of fraudulent behavior ranges from chat bans to account bans.
  3. New Anti-Harassment Policy: ‘Words and deeds are the reflection of one’s inner quality. Good words and good deeds are like a breath of spring wind that will benefit one’s whole life, while the opposite could become the obstacle on one’s advancing path. We urge everyone to be responsible for your own words and deeds, play the game civilly and healthily, any player who demonstrates the following behavior in the game shall be punished according to this regulation.’
NER will monitor the situation and try to bring you more information from the Serenity server and its adjustments to the new regulations being enacted. As pointed out in comments below, this is the Serenity version of Sisi and these rules may not be implemented on the live server on release. If anyone has any further info, let us know and we’ll update this segment.



A new Eve Pulse short update has been released on the 30th, hosted by CCP Falcon:


The annual Santa Spirit event has been announced for 2018. A forum thread is on the official forums where details of planned events, donations and how to get involved are detailed. This event has been running since 2012, and will commence ingame on the 14th December with the system to be confirmed.


All Saturday, 8th December:

  • Sydney at 1800, Gamis Chicken&Beer, 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008, Australia
  • Boston at 1900, IHOP, 16 Eliot St, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA
  • Paris at 1900, Otaku Social Club, 160 Rue Saint-Denis, 75002 Paris, France

Upcoming Imperium-hosted meets for December have also recently been released, with confirmation that they are open to the wider playerbase.

  • Austin Dec 6th at 1900, Star Bar, 600 W. 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701
  • New York Dec 7th at 1800, The Ginger Man, 11 E 36th Street, New York, NY 10016

That’s the news in New Eden. Thanks for reading.

If there are inaccuracies in any of the above, please let us know so that they can be fixed.

Featured image credit: Adan Dimaloun