Major Battles of 2018

Hello again, capsuleers. I have returned from my short hiatus and am proud to present to you a compilation of some of the biggest battles of the year. Please keep in mind that, of course, these aren’t ALL the battles of 2018, just the biggest and laggiest. It’s been quite the year New Eden, here’s to another.

Each battle shown in this compilation has its own video & battle report if you want to learn more click on the appropriate link:

9-4RP2 January 23:

C-LTXS – May 20:

4-GB14 – July 10/14:

UALX-3 – July 20:

X47L-Q – August 2:

Additional Footage by: Gentle Towel, Agonist X, FindQuest, Autistic Hel, DaOpa, blobiscoming, MacCloud, & KilmachRus Gaming.