Report – Test Faction Citadel Reinforced in Oijanen

Video & Footage by Adan Dimaloun
Writing by Horus Klingensang
Narration by Zendane

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On Monday the 17th, a major brawl evolved in the system of Oijanen surrounding the armor timer of a faction fortizar owned by TEST Alliance Please Ignore in the system. This citadel had been reinforced by Pandemic Horde & Northern Coalition earlier in the week.

Imperial Legacy formed to defend the timer, with TEST defending in Eagles, backed up by The Imperium in Jackdaws, Ishtars and Cerberuses. The attackers, Pandemic Horde and Northern Coalition, formed a combined Megathron and Tempest fleet aided by a fleet of Machariels. The attacker’s efforts wereupercarrier fleet whilst the defenders brought several Carriers in addition to their sub-capital fleets.

With northern supercapitals on grid pausing the repair timer, the situation was looking rather grim for Imperial Legacy. Knowing they would be unable to stop the reinforcement to the hull timer, the defenders switched objectives from defending the structure to inflicting maximum damage to the attacking forces.

Due to the overwhelming subcapital presence from the northern forces, the combined northern battleship fleet had to reposition several times throughout the engagement. While these forces were repositioning, the defenders capitalized by turning their sights on portions of the capital force, destroying several force auxiliaries and carriers in the process.

In the end, the attackers achieved their objective, placing the faction fortizar into its final reinforcement timer. A total of 62 billion ISK was lost, with Pandemic Horde & Northern Coalition losing roughly 54 billion ISK and Imperial Legacy losing about 8 billion ISK. The Fortizar comes out of final reinforcement on December 25th, Christmas Day, where another fight is bound to take place.