NER News at 7 o’clock. This is Hugh Caswakk. Good evening.

A Provibloc defensive effort in PI5-39, Providence, has failed in the face of fierce attacks by Evictus and Tactical Supremacy.

NCdot/BOT have clashed with assorted eastern powers in a skirmish over an Astrahus in XTVZ-E, Malpais.

Iron Fwederation, with Imperium support, successfully defended their staging fortizar in D2-HOS, Pure Blind from a disparate northern and low-sec coalition.


Between 2111 and 2158 on the 19th, Provibloc sustained a sharp defeat at the hands of an Evictus and Tactical Supremacy (TIKLE) led fleet. Provibloc was seeking to defend their territorial control unit (TCU) in the system of PI5-39, Providence. While of limited strategic importance, a victory would be boost to Provibloc morale – especially given recent Purple Helmeted Warriors’ inroads into the region. They therefore massed a 59-man Machariel battleship fleet and moved into the system around 2100.

Initially, the aggressor fleet, comprised of Evictus Eagles, Brave bombers and TIKLE tackle was held off with few casualties on either side. Then, at around 2136, TIKLE brought in a small supercapital squadron – centered around a pair of Leviathan-class titans. Using their bosonic field projectors, the two titans destroyed the core of the Provibloc fleet within minutes. After that, the rest of the battle was a mopping up operation. As of time of writing, the TCU is in TIKLE’s hands.

While not a stunning setback for Provibloc, it does drive home the importance of the attacker’s comparative supercapital dominance in the ongoing conflict. The toll stands at 1.75bn ISK lost by Evictus/TIKLE et al vs 25.49bn lost by Provibloc.


In the early hours of the 20th, NCdot and Brothers of Tangra (BOT) clashed with forces from Lazerhawks and Etherium Breach coalition in XTVZ-E, Malpais. Their objective was to destroy a Lazerhawks Astrahus which threatened BOT territory.

It is understood that BOT entered the system first with a 60-ship strong Ferox fleet and started attacking the Astrahus. Lazerhawks and Etherium Breach cynoed in on tether around 0412 and set about demolishing the BOT fleet. With support from a FAX, they enjoyed substantial success, killing three dozen or so enemy ships.

However, NCdot came to the aid of their allies and dropped dreadnoughts on the Hawks/Breach FAX around 0421. At the same time, their Cerberus heavy assault cruiser fleet bridged in, providing much needed subcapital firepower. Hawks/Breach responded by dropping another FAX and continuing to attack the Feroxes while the FAX was whittled away.

After a while, what remained of the BOT fleet disengaged and Hawks/Breach refocused onto NCdot dreadnoughts. However, at 0427, they lost their last FAX. The Astrahus followed three minutes later. Without sufficient reps and with their tether advantage lost, they exited the field.

The toll was remarkably equal, standing at 13.96bn ISK lost by Hawks/Breach vs 13.2bn ISK lost by BOT/NCdot.


In a chaotic battle in the early hours of the 19th, Iron Fwederation with the support of the Imperium held the final timer on their staging fortizar in D2-HOS, Pure Blind. The chronology of the attack is slightly confused. As best can be understood, Black Legion intended to attack the timer and destroy the fortizar (they shot it into final timer last week). Snuffed Out, Psychotic Tendencies and Pen Is Out decided to third-party the coming battle. However, Black Legion apparently initially backed off, while Snuff/TISHU/WANGS decided to attack anyway. With a battle underway, Black Legion reformed and third-partied. Pandemic Legion and Horde also decided to third-party for fun.

With all this byzantine maneuvering, the fortizar repaired with very little contest. However, Iron Fwederation decided to avert a blue-balls situation by attacking an isolated Snuffed Out Apostle FAX. Snuffed and allies’ carrier fleet on grid responded, causing an initial burst of violence. However, Black Legion focused their attention on Snuffed – this combined with the defender’s efforts caused an initial evacuation by Snuffed.

It is understood that some Snuffed ships – including one piloted by leader Hy Wanto – were caught before they could escape. Snuffed Out brought their fleet back in to rescue the stragglers, restarting the fight. However, as the situation escalated, Snuffed Out started mobilizing their supercapitals. With the objective decided and little desire for a supercapital fight, all parties disengaged.

The toll stands at 4.48bn ISK lost by Iron Fwederation/Imperium, 9.05bn ISK lost by Snuffed Out/Pen Is Out/et al, 4.19bn ISK lost by Pandemic Horde and Pandemic Legion, and 366.46m ISK lost by Black Legion.*

* Apologies this BR does not match these numbers or if it’s sorted incorrectly. Let us know any error (editor doesn’t have the same BR as the writer who is not available).

For now, that’s how it is in New Eden. Goodnight.

Featured image credit: Adan Dimaloun