Report – Triumvirate Titans Ambushed in Uemon

Video by Adan Dimaloun
Footage by Kryzhius
Writing by Venus & Horus Klingensang
Narration by Zendane

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On 22 December, an Imperial Legacy trap led to the destruction of part of Triumvirate’s supercapital fleet. Reportedly, at 9.30pm EVE time the Triumvirate supercapital fleet had been executing a move op north, using the Forge system of Uemon as a midpoint.

Directly after entering the system, Imperium forces landed first tackle on the Triumvirate supercapital fleet and jumped in their dreadbomb. TEST reportedly followed in with a Heavy Assault Cruiser fleet along with a second dreadbomb and carrier support.

Roaming fleets from Northern Coalition and Pandemic Horde entered grid to third-party just as the last Triumvirate titan was dying. After the dust settled, Triumvirate had lost 10 titans, 4 supercarriers and a large amount of FAXes, totaling at 1.15 trillion ISK in losses against only 11 billion ISK for Imperial Legacy.